Sergey Kurchenko


Yanukovych's purse stole the Forbes brand


Sergey Kurchenko, currently under sanctions, enjoys intellectual property despite the wish of its owners and American justice.

Sergey Beim to RBC: "I have 30% of the Crimean market of oil products"


The US and the European Union introduced sanctions against "Chornomornaftohaz" which had been nationalized by the Crimean authorities immediately after joining Russia, Ukraine threatens it with multibillion-dollar lawsuits and criminal cases are initiated against its former top managers

RBC Investigation: what Ukrainian oligarch Kurchenko does in Russia


The owner of VETEK Holding Sergey Kurchenko, according to the Ukrainian media is one of the closest persons to the "family" of President Viktor Yanukovych. They both fled from Ukraine at about the same time, and both appeared in Russia.