Sergey Mikhailov

Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhailov (born March 17, 1971, Arkhangelsk) is the General Director of TASS since September 2012. Member of the personnel reserve of the President of Russia.

One of the founders of the Russian Association for Public Relations, an honorary member of the RASO. Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.  The author of more than 200 publications. Member of the International Association for Public Relations (IPRA) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Mikhailov became the object of criticism in connection with his career in Russian Railways. In 2007-2010, the company made a rebranding worth $150 million, causing suspicion that the contract had been severely overestimated. 

Shaltai-Boltai's leader arrested by the FSB


The story around the arrest of a high-ranking ISC official, Sergey Mikhailov, is becoming an actual thriller.   

Betrayal in the FSB: what is known about the arrests in the security services and Kaspersky Lab


Arrests in the Information Security Center of the FSB and Kaspersky Lab could be the consequence of conflict within the security services, as claim RBC sources close to the higher echelone of the FSB.

Medinsky & Partners


How the former business colleagues help the Minister of Culture of Russia in his work.

Laysa, which "piggy-backed" on railways, now latched on the Moscow metro


The next auction was canceled for the sake of Sergey Mikhailov's company. 

Head of TASS Sergey Mikhailov extorts money from media


The media received from the head of TASS an urgent demand to pay him 1 million rubles

Sergey Mikhailov reduced the budgets of Russian Railways


Well-known PR man Sergey Mikhailov made good profit on the budgets of Russian Railways.

Peculiarities of the national PR


What the press secretaries keep their mouths shut about

Resignation of Vladimir Yakunin leaves iMars Group without the budgets from Russian Railways


Resignation of the undisputed head of RAO Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin in addition to the political component has a concrete economic part. First of all, for companies which previously siphoned money from the budgets of the state corporation. Among those who may soon lose the nourishing fiscal feeder is communication agency iMars Group, which got hundreds of millions of rubles annually on lavish PR-orders from Russian Railways

Advertising contract: who wins PR tenders of state companies


The tenders are often arranged so that to be won by a particular contractor.

Mikhailov and Partners: who enriched themselves at the advertising contract with Russian Railways


As clarified by RBC, the main owner of the Laysa company, which received a 15-year contract for the sale of all advertising of Russian Railways, was Vitaly Krivenko, Deputy Head of Corporate Communications of RussianRailways.