Siluanov Anton


Igor Sechin is waiting for compensation from Tokarev


The state-owned companies Rosneft and Transneft exchanged mutual recriminations after the statement of the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, on damage from oil pollution.

Shuvalov asks for a money


300 billion rubles of state aid in 2018, the "black hole" of the Russian economy under the name of VEB is not enough. In 2019, the head of VEB Igor Shuvalov expects another 300 billion rubles.

Good and bad investigators came to Russian metallurgists


After the proposal of Andrei Belousov metallurgists and chemists to shell out for 513 billion rubles, his initiative was not supported by the RF Ministry of Finance. With the condition that the company invests this money all the same in Russia.

Sberbank and VTB will transfer assets to a defense bank


Vladimir Putin instructed to create a scheme for transferring defense credits to Promsvyazbank (PSB). Loan repayment will occur at a discount and will be accompanied by a transfer of capital. At the same time, the PSB will not be the only authorized bank for the state defense order.

"Rosneftegaz" will pay the state dividends twice a year


In 2017, the state company will pay 33 billion rubles, which is half what it received for its stakes in Rosneft, Gazprom and Inter RAO.

Who entered and who left the government of Russia


In the new government, ten vice-premiers and twenty-one ministers, and five vice-premiers and nine ministers left.

Russia saved Victor Vekselberg from sanctions


The total cost of state support for the Renova Group may amount to more than $ 1 billion.

Medvedev called candidates for a new government


The Prime Minister of Russia announced the list of candidates for the posts of vice-premiers in the new government. The post of the first vice-premier can go to Anton Siluanov, the ex-minister of sports Vitaly Mutko will supervise the construction sector.

Nothing personal, just aluminum


"Rusal" will be able to return to the world market, but only without Oleg Deripaska.

The government will help Rusal through Promsvyazbank


Before the announcement of the collection of donations among state employees and pensioners in favor of the victim of US imperialism, the oligarch remains very little.

The government's pocket is a quarter full


Three quarters of the government's reserve fund for 2018 has already been spent.

Scandal and money: Americans and the British are buying up Russian debts


The demand for new Russian Eurobonds almost doubled the supply - 7 billion dollars against 4 billion dollars. In placement, a large proportion fell to investors from Britain and the US, despite the negative information background, the Finance Ministry said.

Military Industrial Bank Promsvyazbank will receive 1 trillion rubles


Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov for the first time called the volume of business of servicing defense enterprises that Promsvyazbank can get.

Why Peter Fradkov will head Promsvyazbank


The officials explained the new appointment of the son of the former prime minister.

Oil prices saved the Russian Federation from a serious budget deficit


The budget deficit of the Russian Federation in 2017 was more than two times lower than in 2016 - 1.336 trillion rubles against almost 3 trillion rubles.

In anticipation of sanctions. How Americans can bring down the ruble


If investments in OFZ are under US sanctions, the Bank of Russia itself will start buying up Russia's national debt, analysts of Raiffeisenbank forecast. Why this measure and what other anti-crisis scenarios will the financial departments need?

Russian ruble convertibility may be limited during the crisis


Obligatory sale of foreign exchange earnings, purchase of currency with the permission of the authorities, a special account for certain operations: the right to impose such measures is requested by the government and the Central Bank of the Ministry of Finance.

The Russian authorities are short of 2 trillion rubles in 2017


Even the Russian Ministry of Finance cannot scrape together enough money for the military, road construction and special medicine. In 2019-2020, the government will need another 4 "extra" trillion rubles.

The best friends of diamonds


What is happening in the diamond mining giant "ALROSA".

Cash games


Why does the Ministry of Finance once again lure the citizens to by the federal loan bonds.

To Africa for diamonds: Alrosa might increase its stake in Angolan joint venture


The company wants to buy a stake of the Brazilian partners in Catoca and create a trading house, but the Ministry of Finance is in doubts.

Russia returned to the international debt market


Russia announced the placement of Eurobonds, organized by VTB Capital. Earlier the Ministry of Finance planned to postpone the placement due to the refusal of foreign banks to participate in it.

The problem of $20 billion: how Development Bank became a black hole


The resignation of Vladimir Dmitriev as head of VEB, reported by RBC sources, was probably due to the fact that he had performed his tasks "without informing about the risks". How did the corporation become a "cesspool" of bad debts?

Russian Energy Minister: Saudi Arabia destabilized the oil market


However, the energy minister Alexander Novak does not expect the fall in oil prices to $20-25 per barrel.

Poker with bankers: how Igor Zyuzin beat Mechel creditors


Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank could not deprive the founder of Mechel of control over the company. Now Igor Zyuzin is closer than ever to defeating the creditors

Costly peninsula


How much will Russia pay for the annexation of the Crimea.