Sokolov Maxim


Maksim Sokolov's friends washed money at the "Marine Facade"


Whom the vice-governor of Sokolov helps to make millions.

Victor Vekselberg launched a cucumber in the "Valley of Vegetables"


The Renova group of Viktor Vekselberg decided to leave the business of growing vegetables in greenhouses. The complexes, in the construction of which they promised to invest 25 billion rubles, will be sold to the profile player.

Vitaly Saveliev clutching at the helm of Aeroflot with a deadly grip


The state is ready to pay a contract with him for another 5 years.

Vitaly Saveliev leaves for landing


The head of Aeroflot Vitaly Saveliev has long been predicted to resign. It is rumored that the principal decision on the top manager has already been made. He was no longer accepted in the Kremlin's offices, the former "benefactors" turned away from him.

Vitaly Saveliev does not intend to lose control of "Aeroflot"


Ex-Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation cherishes ambitious plans.

Transneft reported on theft of kerosene for Moscow airports


Unidentified people poured fuel from the pipe for 285 million rubles.

Crimean bridge, toll roads and other transport projects of 2018


The coming year 2018 prepares for Russians several important innovations, some of which were promised many years ago.

Hard landing on old rakes


How airlines drop out of the market and out of the attention of officials.