Stepanov Nikolay


Mikhail Abyzov fell into a neuralgic disorder


Former Minister Mikhail Abyzov, who has been in jail since March 2019, was again extended his arrest - he will stay in Lefortovo for at least another two months.

Ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov complains about investigators


Former official dissatisfied with the actions of the investigation.

Assets of Mikhail Abyzov were arrested


In the case of the OPS at the ex-minister arrested real estate, stocks and money.

The damage from the fraud of Mikhail Abyzov FSB estimated at 2 billion rubles


The FSB operatives did not reveal the withdrawal of income from payments of the population for energy resources by ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov, one of the defendants told the court.

Mikhail Abyzov attributed more than necessary


The damage to his case was not so terrible.