Tatyana Golikova


VEB was nailed down for "bad management"


The auditors of the Accounting Chamber concluded that the disastrous situation was caused by the VEB's "bad management" and "non-transparent procurement."

MIA to check the Nuclear Medicine Center and officials of Ulyanovsk Oblast


Security forces are investigating the fate of 6 billion rubles allocated for the construction of the Federal High-Tech Center of Nuclear Medicine, and what the construction companies associated with the governor Sergey Morozov have to do with that

Auditors caught Rosaviation out in inefficient use of funds


The audit addressed the Prosecutor General with a request to bring to justice those responsible for the failure of the program of modernization of air traffic management.

Junkie lobby in Russia


The officers of the Federal Drug Control Service conducted a special operation to curb the supply chain of large quantities of cocaine from St. Petersburg to Bashkiria. Nevertheless, the situation with drug addiction in Russia is critical.