Tinkov Oleg


Tinkov impoverished to a millionaire


Oleg Tinkov ceased to be a dollar billionaire. As of the evening of March 1, his fortune was estimated at 820 million dollars - this is 5.5 times less than the estimate in the latest Forbes rating.

Oleg Tinkov flew


The Bank of Russia intends to check transactions with TCS Group and Yandex shares for insider trading.

From Moshkovich to Khristenko: who was leaked Cyprus Papers


Al Jazeera has published information on 100 holders of "golden passports" of Cyprus, most of whom may not comply with the new citizenship rules.

Oleg Tinkov sniffed $ 1 billion from American tax officials


US Department of Justice revealed claims to the billionaire. At the time of his release from US citizenship in 2013, Tinkov was the owner of TCS shares for more than $ 1 billion, but the US tax authorities reported on the status of only $ 300,000.

Oleg Tinkov will wait for trial in London


US Internal Revenue Service requires extradition of Oleg Tinkov.

Tinkov will not be taken to the USA voluntarily


The US prosecutor’s office allegedly issued a preliminary arrest warrant for the founder and owner of Tinkoff Bank Oleg Tinkov, who is conducting legal proceedings with the US tax service.

Billionaire Oleg Tinkov built the world's first private icebreaker


The Damen shipyard in the Netherlands is equipping the new Oleg Tinkoff La Datcha yacht, a billionaire plans to lease it for 740,000 euros per week for travel to Antarctica and Alaska.

Sberbank steals ideas from Oleg Tinkov


But he has no complaints against German Gref.

Oleg Tinkov is afraid to go into the "Water Area"


This is the third time Oleg Tinkov has broken a deal with development partners to transfer the TCS Group headquarters to the Aquatoria business center under construction. This was told by the co-owner of the project Kirill Pisarev. The TCS Group claims to have entered and exited the deal only once.

Oleg Tinkov will transfer to the icebreaker


The billionaire's passion for skiing and traveling to hard-to-reach places was transformed into a project of the first private icebreaker. His Tinkov intends to take - as the house, built in the framework of the project La Dacha.

Oleg Tinkov does not fly


Billionaire put up for sale his private jet. In 2016, the banker laid out at least $ 50 million for Dassault Falcon 7X.