Titov Boris


In the case of the head of "Transfin-M", the evidence was brought by wagons


A heated discussion of the case of Dmitry Zotov, who was released by order of the president.

Boris Titov put in a word for Vsevolod Opanasenko


The business ombudsman doubted the qualification of the computer transaction of the T-Platform company.

The Vostochny case has been called into question


Boris Titov turned to Yuri Chaika.

Russian winemakers ask Vladimir Putin to impose levies on their foreign colleagues


The proceeds - up to 30 billion rubles - they offer to send to support the industry.

The protection of business in Moscow is entrusted to the grandson of the Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov


Leonid Zyuganov is considered to be the business ombudsman in the Moscow government.

Siberian innovator Dmitry Trubitsyn faces up to 5 years in prison


The investigating authorities considered the production of air purification systems to be a criminal offense.

Boris Titov began to produce real champagne


Chateau d'Avize champagne house, which belongs to the family of Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov, has produced the first commercial batch of personalized millesime champagne.