Tkachev Alexander


Alexander Tkachev became interested in buying up land


The enterprise of the former federal minister of agriculture suffers losses.

The former head of the Ministry of Agriculture explained the desire to return "home" after his resignation


The former governor of the Krasnodar Territory and the former head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tkachev, returned to the management of the family latifundia, one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the Russian Federation named Agrocomplex named after NI Tkachev. It is possible that in the coming years, the business of Tkachev, who has lost political weight, will be ripped off by competitors and enemies.

The agricultural empire of Alexander Tkachev slowed down


Agrocomplex named after NI Tkachev has postponed large-scale expansion to the Rostov region. The main reason for experts is the loss of Alexander Tkachev's administrative resource - the post of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

Sergei Kukura and his family are among the five largest latifundists in Russia


Under the control of the family of the former top manager of Lukoil, Volgo Don Agroinvest acquired assets of the Swedish Black Earth Farming in 2017, bringing its land bank to 452,000 hectares.

Who entered and who left the government of Russia


In the new government, ten vice-premiers and twenty-one ministers, and five vice-premiers and nine ministers left.

"White bird" will fly into the hands of the family of the latifundist Alexander Tkachev


Dmitry Ananyev plans to sell a non-core business asset.

Why import substitution in the dairy industry failed


Despite the food embargo, milk production is declining, products are becoming more expensive, and demand for it is falling.

The Mad Minister Tkachev


As the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev fights against competitors, depriving the Russians of imported snacks, but promising to give home wine.

Ukraine closed its borders to Russia's Agrocomplex


Petro Poroshenko included the Tkachev family's holding in the sanctions list.