Tsurkan Karina


Kovalchuk put in a good word for Karina Tsurcan


The head of Inter RAO Boris Kovalchuk spoke in favor of his ex-subordinate.

Karina Turcan will be introduced to the scout


After hearing the testimony of the former deputy minister, the espionage court decided to interrogate the agent who had revealed the top manager of Inter RAO.

Accused of spying Karina Turcan: "I do not understand the charge"


Former top manager of the energy company Inter RAO UES Karina Turcan through her lawyer answered the questions of the publication Medusa. Accused of espionage in favor of Romania categorically denies his guilt.

A companion of spy Karina Turcan Evgenia Voronova escaped from Inter RAO


Head of the department of the block of trading "Inter RAO" Evgenia Voronova hastily resigned from the company after the arrest of her boss - accused of spying for Romania, Karina Turcan. Voronova is the daughter of Oleg Deripaska, a long-time associate of Vladimir Kiryukhin, who dealt with government agencies at En + Group.

New layoffs are taking place at inter RAO energy holding


Ilnar Mirsiyapov and Timur Lipatov may lose their seats in the corporation after the "espionage" scandal with Karina Turcan.

The FSB was tailing the suspect in the espionage Karina Tsurkan three years


Accused of spying for Romania, the top manager of Inter RAO was in the development of Russian peenertons for three years. Her arrest in June is attributed to the preparations for a raid on her patron, Boris Kovalchuk.

Turcan is suspected of issuing electricity supply schemes to Donbass


The FSB suspects Karina Turcan, a member of the management board of Inter RAO, in transferring to foreign special services information about Moscow's negotiations on the organization of electricity supplies to the Crimea and the People's Republic of Germany. The primary information on the leakage was obtained from the SVR line.

Top-manager of "Inter RAO" Karina Turcan was a citizen of Romania


The arrested on suspicion of spying for Romania, a member of the board of "Inter RAO" was not three, but only two citizenships: Russia and Romania. In 2016, Karina Turcan refused from Moldovan.

The Moscow court sent in custody suspected of spying Karina Turcan


Top-manager of the state-owned company Inter RAO is suspected of espionage.

In the board of "Inter RAO" found a Romanian spy


The member of the board of PJSC "Inter RAO" Karina Turcan was on vacation from a vacation in a remand prison on charges of spying on Romania. Where the long years of locating a Moldovan citizen in the government of a large state company was watched by Russian special services remains a mystery.