Tugushev Alexander


Fish billionaire Vitaly Orlov may lose a third of its assets


The billionaire may lose a significant part of his fishing empire due to a protracted conflict with the company's co-founder, former business partner Alexander Tugushev.

Vitaly Orlov is still unable to unfreeze assets


The owner of the Norebo group, Vitaly Orlov, is about fishing and business.

The High Court of London has frozen the assets of the Russian "fish king" Vitaly Orlov


The arrest was imposed on assets worth 350 million dollars in the lawsuit against Orlov of his former accomplice Alexander Tugushev.

The fish king: the true story of a new Russian billionaire


Thanks to Bloomberg, we learned about the emergence of a new Russian billionaire: Vitaly Orlov, whose business experienced a boom after Russia banned fish imports. RBC tells his true story.

Vitaly Orlov and silent fish


Norebo's road to success through prisons and kickbacks.

The sea of opportunities


How the Russian "Fish King" Vitaly Orlov made his first billion dollars.