Tuleyev Aman


Sergei Tsivilev began to change the system of power in the Kemerovo region


As Sergei Tsivilev began to change the system of power in the Kemerovo region.

The prosecutor's office did not find houses and a lake from Tulaev's movie from Navalny


She threatens the opposition with a criminal case for slander.

Cleaning of staff: why the new head of the Kuzbass dismissed the vice-governors


The appointed head of the Kuzbass after the fire in the "Winter Cherry" shopping center, Sergey Tsivilev, sent four vice-governors to resign. This could lead to a conflict with his predecessor, Aman Tuleev, regional experts believe.

Aman Tuleyev asked the prosecutor to deal with Alexey Navalny


The former head of the Kemerovo region complained to the prosecutor of Kuzbass at FBK and the media, who told about his summer wealth.

How Aman Tuleyev turned from a popular tribune into an odious leader


Divorce from the Communist Party, manual management of business and other facts from the life of the former head of the Kuzbass.

Aman Tuleyev finally left in the remnant


In the Kemerovo region, the era of local political heavy-handedness ended.

Aman Tuleyev will leave, but later


The Kremlin decided not to conduct an "indicative retirement" of the Kemerovo political long-liver.

Co-owner of the TRC "Winter Cherry" Denis Stengelov did not rule out arson


According to a businessman living in Australia, the burned down shopping center had no direct relationship to the business of "KDV groups."

In the fire in the TRC "Winter Cherry" Kemerovo killed more than 60 people


The fire exits were blocked, and the security system was turned off by the guard.

Case covered with coal dust


What links the billions of Colonel Zakharchenko and the arrests around the eternal governor of the Kemerovo region Tuleyev.