Viktor Zolotov


Colonel shared his bribe with a general


A former Deputy Commander of the Russian Interior Ministry troops has been arrested.

Viktor Zolotov youngest daughter settled in the metropolis


The head of the National Guard under prepares alternate airport in London, where he has been living and studying his youngest daughter Daria Zolotov.

Viktor Zolotov's youngest daughter settled in Albion


The head of the National Guard under prepares an escape hatch in London, where his youngest daughter Darya Zolotova lives and studies. 

Zolotov's army: why and how the National Guard is created


National Guard headed by Viktor Zolotov, conceived to deal with the protests, eventually got a lot of other functions: from private security to anti-terrorism. Its powers will overlap with the FSB.

Putin's former guard first published information about his income


Chief of the Interior Troops of Russia Viktor Zolotov, whose income declaration hadn't been published on time, at last reported his earnings. In his possession are two hectares of land, two houses, two apartments and a glacier.

Putin's guard who heads the Interior Ministry troops failed to disclose income


First Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Zolotov, who has been the head of the personal guard of Vladimir Putin for many years, is the only officer in the Interior Ministry, who hasn't declared his income. He never did it while working at the FSO, either.

Zolotov of the Putin's party


What owns the family which is the closest to the body of the president.