Vladimir Antonov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov (born 1975) is a (formerly London-based) Russian banker, entrepreneur and investor. In 2007 Antonov's personal wealth was estimated at $300 million which ranked him as number 182 among Russian millionaires.

Antonov's interests (29.9% of the shares) in Spyker Cars were said to have delayed the purchase of Saab Automobile in late 2009. An investigation by the Swedish monetary agency Riksgälden and the Swedish security police Säpo had allegedly found connections between the Antonov family and organised crime, as well as involvement in money laundering. Säpo reported their findings to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, and shortly afterwards GM stopped further talks about the deal until the Antonov family had sold their shares in Spyker Cars.

On 23 November 2011, it was announced that a Europe-wide arrest warrant had been issued for Antonov. Lithuanian prosecutors want to question him as part of an investigation into alleged asset stripping at Snoras Bank.In July 2015, he was reported as having fled the UK. In September 2015, it was reported he was living in Moscow.

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The Russian real estate drifts away from the Lithuanian bank.   

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It turned out that the Russian Federation has actually never adopted the "tit for tat" principle. 

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He's possibly trying to fend off extradition that way. 

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Britain agrees to extradite the ex-owner of Snoras Bank Vladimir Antonov.

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He helped his friends in London to buy Moy Bank, whose former owner Gleb Fetisov turned up in jail after the deal.

Lithuania is waiting for Vladimir Antonov, the owner of Bank Snoras


The London Court decided to extradite the former co-owner of Bank Snoras to Lithuania. Vladimir Antonov promised to appeal against that decision and pursue in court in England for the next five years.