Vladimir Dmitriev


The Russian government approved the transformation of Vnesheconombank into a factory of project financing


The bank nearly died because of ineffective political projects, but the officials don't care. 

VEB was nailed down for "bad management"


The auditors of the Accounting Chamber concluded that the disastrous situation was caused by the VEB's "bad management" and "non-transparent procurement."

Vnesheconombank will restructure the debt of the Eurodon Group owned by Vadim Vaneev


The corporate recovery will affect only non-core assets of the group.

Saboteur Kostin


President of VTB Bank caused record damage to the Russian energy sector.

The problem of $20 billion: how Development Bank became a black hole


The resignation of Vladimir Dmitriev as head of VEB, reported by RBC sources, was probably due to the fact that he had performed his tasks "without informing about the risks". How did the corporation become a "cesspool" of bad debts?