Vladimir Yevtushenkov

Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov (Evtushenkov) (born 25 September 1948) is a Russian billionaire business oligarch. He is the majority owner and chairman of AFK Sistema, a large Russian conglomerate company.

Once worth $9 billion, Vladimir Yevtushenkov has seen his fortune shrink after a court ordered him to return his stake in oil company Bashneft to the state. He was placed under house arrest for three months during an investigation that preceded the ruling. In January 2016, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation closed a related criminal case against him, primarily due to lack of evidence. A former plastics engineer, Yevtushenkov co-founded Sistema and took it public on the London Stock Exchange in 2005, the same year he invested in Bashneft. His Sistema still owns MTS, the largest cellular operator in Russia, and has interests in the energy, engineering, agriculture and media industries. It also owns toy store Detsky Mir and a chain of clinics.

Billions for Rosneft: Forbes examined the finances of AFK Sistema


AFK Sistema will appeal against the decision of the court to recover almost 136.3 billion rubles in favor of Rosneft. But in the event of a final loss, it will have to pay. Does the company of billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov have such money?

The end of the Vladimir Yevtushenkov's empire


AFK Sistema must pay Rosneft 136 billion rubles. The court's decision has a fateful negative impact on the Russian economy, Sistema believes.

AFK Sistema complained about the judge and Igor Sechin to President Vladimir Putin


The company considers illegal the decision to arrest its property at a claim of 170 billion rubles.

AFK Sistema announced a technical default


The company explained the impossibility of fulfilling credit obligations worth 3.9 billion rubles by seizure of assets by decision of the Arbitration Court of Bashkortostan.

Sistema strikes back: AFK asks court to arrest Rosneft assets


The representative of Rosneft, in turn, believes that the fall in AFK shares is due to the manipulation of the Sistema itself, and not to the progress of the lawsuit filed by the oil company.

Why Rosneft and Sistema can't reconcile


"Sistema" asks the Prosecutor General to verify the legality of the actions of the bailiff, who has forbidden the company to receive income on the arrested shares, and Igor Sechin expects from Sistema specific proposals on the settlement agreement.

Black marketeers and investors flee from Russia


Geopolitics, corporate conflicts and a drop in oil prices have led to an outflow of capital from Russia.

Petya's rage


Could the Russian oligarch Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov be behind the attack of the Petya virus?

Sechin's appetite comes with Yevtushenkov


To please Rosneft, the court is ready for atypical decisions on MTS.

MTS under arrest


Shares of the operator become cheaper during the trials of AFK and Rosneft.

The owner of AFK Sistema responded to the claims of Rosneft


Vladimir Yevtushenkov vainly believes that in a dispute with the oil company, "the reason will triumph."

Yevtushenkov wants peace: Sistema offered Rosneft a mechanism for settling the dispute


The representatives of Sistema have not yet disclosed the details of the proposal. Following the news about a possible settlement of the dispute, the company's shares finished trading by almost 8% up.

Prosecutor's Office and Igor Sechin depreciated Bashneft


The prosecutor's office left Bashneft managers without stock options and bonuses: probably, the received shares and money will have to be returned.

Time to gut Yevtushenkov


The amount of claims of Igor Sechin to Vladimir Yevtushenkov reached almost $3 billion. Apparently, this is the beginning of the end of business of the "Luzhkov's oligarch" in Russia.

Rosneft increased the amount of the claim to Sistema due to the weakening of the ruble


Now the company of Igor Sechin demands not 106.6, but 170.6 billion rubles from Vladimir Yevtushenkov's entity. 

Gref, Yevtushenkov and Rashnikova are united in venture capital investment


Sberbank and Rashnikova company invested 2 billion rubles in the venture capital fund of the AFC "System".

Rostec and AFK Sistema looking for a partner to create an electronics enterprise


Neither party might have a control stake in the joint venture, and Sistema wants to manage it. 

Yevtushenkov decided to lead his agricultural holding to the IPO


The billionaire intends to achieve a doubling of the company's performance indicators and then to conduct an initial public offering of securities.

Yevtushenkov to sell Rostec's unprofitable assets in microelectronics


Rostec and AFK Sistema to discuss the creation of a new holding company: the Russian microelectronics industry is waiting for a mega deal.

Yakunin Jr. sells his hotel empire to Evtushenkov


The family of ex-head of Russian Railways quickly gets rid of Russian assets

Igor Sechin found a way to bypass the government ban


Rosneft will buy Bashneft using a sly scheme.

RBC investigation: why Russia has so few bridges


All the building materials for the construction of the Kerch bridge are purchased through intermediaries, which increases their value three times, said Dmitry Kozak during the meeting of the State Council on the construction.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov will quit the media business


His "Sistema Mass-Media" will invest in technological projects, and gradually sell media assets.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov ordered a hit on Central Children's Store in Lubyanka


According to the information of an outlet called Resource Federation, the last scandal with fascist toy soldiers in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka may have been allegedly stirred by the entities close to oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Dangerous ties: who helped Vladimir Evtushenkov in the oil business


The owner of AFK Sistema was released from house arrest, having given up Bashneft to thestate. The billionaire had made his bet on a wrong politician.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov's Sistema says goodbye to the oil business


On Thursday, the Moscow Arbitration Court decided to transfer 81.67% of the shares "Bashneft", the sixth largest oil company in Russia, to the state. 

Work arrest was requested for Vladimir Evtushenkov


The Moscow City Court entrusted the resolution of this issue to the Basmanny Court.

Investigation: how the owner of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov ended up under investigation


Vladimir Yevtushenkov put under house arrest had helped to legalize Bashneft stolen from the state, according to investigators.