Vladislav Surkov


How Vladislav Surkov's wife, Natalia Dubovitskaya, entertains herself


Anecdotes from Vinokur and flying on a private plane to the Emirates.

Shaltai-Boltai's leader arrested by the FSB


The story around the arrest of a high-ranking ISC official, Sergey Mikhailov, is becoming an actual thriller.   

Russian Duma ex-deputies Voronenkov and Maksakova fled to Ukraine


Russian communists and micro-oligarchs Denis Voronenkov and his wife Maria Maksakova ended up being Ukrainian nationalists.   

What happened to Skolkovo


Skolkovo Innovation Center was eastablished to show the world the triumph of the Russian science, but in recent years the project had been plagued by failures. Why Medvedev's modernization project stalled, as investigated by RBC reporters.

What "the patched-up peace" will bring for Russia and Ukraine


Negotiations between Surkov and Poroshenko, the "party of war" in Putin's entourage and the fate of the "people's republics".