Vorobyev Andrey


Gennady Timchenko will expand the roads in Zhukovsky for 6.6 billion rubles


The company "Stroytransgaz" Gennady Timchenko received a contract for the reconstruction of the road in the Moscow region of Zhukovsky.

Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov plans to "convincingly" win the next election


Recipe for combating sprawl across the region dumps and a creeping crisis in the construction industry in Vorobyov there. But this does not prevent him from going to a new term, since the refusal of him can mean a term already prison.

The collapse of the Urban Group may lead to the restructuring of the entire housing market


Alexander Dolgin's pyramid may have far-reaching and sad consequences for developers in Moscow and the Moscow region, Khalil Aminov, a Kommersant observer, said.

Moscow region will suffocate from stink from landfills


There is no other way out. The authorities of Moscow and the region did not solve the garbage issue for a long time, but now there is nowhere to take out solid household waste of more than 11 million tons.

In the Moscow region began a garbage riot


Garbage protests in the suburbs cover all new areas. Problems of the "Yadrovo" landfill near Volokolamsk are not yet solved, and a new gas release occurred on the weekend. Residents demand immediate closure of the landfill.

Gleb Frank got control over the largest pollock goalkeeper


He will buy out the share of his partner Maxim Vorobyov.