Vorobyov Maxim


Crab crawls from Vyborg shipbuilders


Changes in the rules for issuing quotas for the resource's catch may cost the plant an order of 320 million euros.

Russian crab will be half auctioned


Since 2019, half of the crab catch quotas in Russia will be distributed through electronic auctions. Industry participants suspect in the lobbying of such a decision of the owners of the Russian fishery company Gleb Frank and Maxim Vorobyov (the latter has already left her business).

Co-owner of the group "Airplane" Igor Yevtushevsky told his secret of success


Co-owner of the group "Airplane" and the brother of the governor of the Moscow region told why his company will be able to survive the next few years.

Oleg Deripaska sold a stake in his development business


Oleg Deripaska has been replaced by partners in the construction business: Maxim Vorobiev and Mikhail Kenin came out of projects with the oligarch, and Yury Chechikhin, who is called the son-in-law of the head of Rosgvardia, took a share in one of the companies.

Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov plans to "convincingly" win the next election


Recipe for combating sprawl across the region dumps and a creeping crisis in the construction industry in Vorobyov there. But this does not prevent him from going to a new term, since the refusal of him can mean a term already prison.

Maxim Vorobiev entered the taste of the building of Moscow


The brother of the governor of the Moscow region together with the developer Alexander Klyachin will build up 44.6 hectares of paneled rabbits in New Moscow.

Gleb Frank got control over the largest pollock goalkeeper


He will buy out the share of his partner Maxim Vorobyov.

The brother of the governor of the Moscow region will invest in fish processing


"Russian aquaculture" creates a vertically integrated holding in the run-up to the SPO.