Voronenkov Denis


Housing issue upset Marie Maksakova's secret marriage


The widow of the murdered Denis Voronenkova secretly married Ingush Dalhat Khalaev in July and gave him an apartment in Moscow. He sold it and now the ex-deputy of the State Duma demands to recognize illegal this deal.

Who was the killer of Voronenkov


Rosbalt found out the details of the biography of the killer, testifying about his possible connection with the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Denis Voronenkov's killer is withdrawn from the conspiracy


Pavel Parshov proved to be a citizen of Ukraine.

How Vladislav Surkov's wife, Natalia Dubovitskaya, entertains herself


Anecdotes from Vinokur and flying on a private plane to the Emirates.

Anti-pokemon and anti-US fighters: what bills were adopted thanks to the futigive Russian MPs


The couple of the State Duma MPs Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov are expelled from the parties they represented: United Russia and the Communist Party. RBC writes on the resonant bills of the fugitive deputies.