Yakunin Vladimir


Interprogressbank can get under the control of law enforcement agencies


"Interprogressbank" can get under the sights of siloviki. They will check his possible participation in the offshore empire of Alexei Krapivin. The bank itself, according to observers, is already breathing heavily.

How the family of Vladimir Putin’s US-sanctioned ally uses British companies to burnish its reputation


The journey of a member of the global super-rich often traverses three main stages, as he (these are pretty much all men) moves from a position of power at home to a life of wealth and luxury abroad.

Everything acquired by hard work


Why the former head of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin found himself in the hotspot with the British press?

The younger son of the former head of Russian Railways was a Cypriot citizen and invested in computer games


Last year it became known that the eldest son of Vladimir Yakunin Andrew was a British citizen. Life.ru found out that useful citizenship was obtained by his younger brother, too, 37-year-old Viktor. Viktor Yakunin himself told Life that he had become an IT-investor and invested money in a game studio, and got a second passport for convenience.

Starting it all over again


What brought the replacement of Vladimir Yakunin with Oleg Belozerov for the customers?  

How Vladimir Yakunin's resignation influenced the change of contractors of Russian Railways


The entities of Arkady Rotenberg's son Igor and friends of top-managers of Russian Railways now work for the state monopoly. 

Yakunin Jr. sells his hotel empire to Evtushenkov


The family of ex-head of Russian Railways quickly gets rid of Russian assets

Russian Railways paid premium for three years to Vladimir Yakunin


Russian Railways have paid premiums for three years to both current and former members of its board. Among them was also the former head of the company, Vladimir Yakunin.



How the construction project of the century in Siberia and companies from the British Virgin Islands are intetangled.

London mansion of Vladimir Yakunin's son


British The Sunday Times of London reported about a mansion, which is owned by the son of Vladimir Yakunin, the former head of Russian Railways. Representatives of Andrey Yakunin confirmed to RBC, that he owns this property

Last setup: how Nikolay Tsvetkov left the Forbes list


The banker's wealth does not exceed $200 million, and he is unlikely to return to the list of billionaires.

Sergey Mikhailov reduced the budgets of Russian Railways


Well-known PR man Sergey Mikhailov made good profit on the budgets of Russian Railways.

The resignation of Vladimir Yakunin could lead to a change in contractors of Russian Railways


Arkady Rotenberg's family might become interested in Russian Railways' billions. 

Dagestani thrust of Russian Railways


Why the change in leadership of Russian Railways will not make the natural monopoly "closer to the people"

Russian Railways and Son: how Andrey Yakunin's business was built up


Over 12 years of Vladimir Yakunin's work in Russian Railways, his son Andrey has become a major employer: his VIY Management fund manages assets worth $400 million. RBC recalls which of VIYM projects can be linked to Russian Railways.

Resignation of Vladimir Yakunin leaves iMars Group without the budgets from Russian Railways


Resignation of the undisputed head of RAO Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin in addition to the political component has a concrete economic part. First of all, for companies which previously siphoned money from the budgets of the state corporation. Among those who may soon lose the nourishing fiscal feeder is communication agency iMars Group, which got hundreds of millions of rubles annually on lavish PR-orders from Russian Railways

Millions on arms: what's the cost of Russian businessmen and politicians' watches


RBC studied the watches of Russian politicians and heads of state-owned companies. The most expensive ones belong to Ramzan Kadyrov. Vladimir Yakunin owns luxury watches and gives them to the others: his gift could be found on Sergey Naryshkin's arm.

Vladimir Yakunin: "I have a good life under sanctions"


Russian Railways' President in an interview to Die Welt and Forbes talks about the reaction of the Western businesses to sanctions, the dangers of privatization, Ukrainian risks and Putin as a cementing factor.

Vladimir Yakunin went for fourth term


The head of Russian Railways will extend his contract for three years.

Yakunin Jr. invested in pipes


The foundation founded by the son of the president of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, bought a stake in the production of centrifugal cast pipes, which are used in metallurgy.