Yevgeny Giner


How poor deputy Alexander Babakov became the richest Russian senator


Alexander Babakov manages to conduct business in Ukraine, being a Russian senator.

The Russian football is out of money


Russian football has never been commercially successful, but by the end of 2016 even those who had previously been willing to invest in the sport for free, have run out of money.  

Suleiman Kerimov sells football slaves


FC Anji was plagued by Giner and other scavengers.

RBC investigation: how permissions for construction projects in Moscow parks are obtained


The developer from the mayor's office, an independent expert, self-liquidating after the expert review, the approval of the construction without public hearings: that is the scheme to construct buildings in Moscow, which shouldn't be there.   

FC CSKA received record revenues


The revenue of the club at year-end 2014, according to IFRS, increased to $81 million, and a net loss decreased 11-fold, to $3 million, due to the conclusion of a sponsorship contract with Rossetti group.