Yuri Luzhkov


Shalva Chigirinsky is not a pedophile, but can still become bankrupt


The court in the United States closed the scandalous case of Shalva Chigirinsky. Now the businessman will focus on the lawsuits to Viktor Rashnikov in Cyprus. If he loses them, then the scandalous businessman will face bankruptcy.

One day in Moscow feeds for the whole year


Scandalous businessman Year Nisan goes beyond all legal limits. 

Pavel Te will ​​"heal" Moscow


Scandalous businessman Mr. Te is going to buy "Stolichnye Apteki".

Yuri Luzhkov will sell buckwheat under his own brand


Among the options of the brand name are Luzhkovka, Honey Meadows and Luzhkovskaya. 

First after Baturina: a co-owner of FrutoNyanya entered the Forbes list


According to Forbes, there are two women in the ranking of the richest Russians for the first time. 

The Europeans will pull Baturina to pieces


The wife of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, started frienzied but not very productive business activities in Europe.