Zakharchenko Dmitry


Dmitry Zakharchenko said goodbye to freedom, billions and the rank of colonel


The court sentenced to 13 years in prison and a fine of 117 million rubles to Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who became widely known because of the 8.5 billion rubles found in him and his close friends. He was also deprived of the rank of police colonel.

From Alexei Kuznetsov to Alexander Reimer: nine secret Russian billionaires


The servants of the people, in whom the investigators found amounts of more than 1 billion rubles.

Mistress Dmitry Zakharchenko will share their ornaments with the state


Prosecutor General's Office wants to recover the cost of jewelry, bought by the colonel in New York.

The billionaire colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was involved with the contractor of Russian Railways


Valery Markelov, co-founder of the 1520 Group of Companies, transferred bribes to a werewolf policeman.

Colonel-billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko drags out the investigation


A werewolf from the Russian Interior Ministry, who had seized more than $ 120 million in the apartment, was unable to understand the charges brought against him for extorting 800,000 dollars from restaurateur Mehdi Duss.

Colonel Zakharchenko was sent to court


The case of a former officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, who collected more than 9 billion rubles in foreign currency at his apartment, was completed.

Money Colonel-billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko disappeared in the budgets


From the list of material evidence in the case of Colonel MVD Dmitry Zakharchenko, money for more than 9 billion rubles and gold bars that were confiscated in his two apartments were excluded.

Colonel-billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko was robbed for the second time


It turned out that in the recount of 9 billion rubles seized from the criminal MVD colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, more than 200 million rubles (about 3 million euros) were lost. The investigation suspects employees of the Savings Bank.

Dmitry Zakharchenko hid the castle in the UK


The investigation finds that Colonel Zakharchenko bought the castle in London while serving in the Ministry of the Interior.

The property of the family of Colonel-billionaire Zakharchenko was confiscated in favor of the state


This is 27 apartments and car places and four cars for 9 billion rubles.

Case covered with coal dust


What links the billions of Colonel Zakharchenko and the arrests around the eternal governor of the Kemerovo region Tuleyev.