Corporation "Rostekh"


Alexander Vinokurov seizes pharmacy business in Russia


The son-in-law of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the raider in combination intend to reshape the pharmacy business in Russia in his favor.

Sergei Chemezov will collect explosives himself


"Rostekh" creates a holding company for special chemistry.

Russian enterprises responded to new US sanctions


The United States imposed new sanctions against a number of Russian military structures "in connection with the violation of the rules on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction." What will mean for them new restrictions on foreign markets? Group will have new co-owners


This is Rostek and Gazprombank.

NPP "Start" left the Russian generals without toys


The Ministry of Defense demanded an advance back and will sue the plant, which previously often disrupted military orders.

"Motovilikha" does not pass through the competition


Creditors mashholding can not share the control over its bankruptcy.

The head of Uralvagonzavod Alexander Potapov recognized the sanctions as "invigorating"


The top manager spoke about wagons, tanks and excavators.

Sergei Chemezov entangled in the Rosseti


Rostech may become a shareholder of Rossetei.

The government will force state companies to refuse imports


State-owned companies will have to import substitute equipment in a wide range.

"Tractor plants" will be disassembled into components


Rostech has developed a new rescue scheme for the concern.

Anatoly Chubais and Sergei Chemezov could not start the turbine


An attempt by the consortium Rusnano, Rostekha and Inter RAO to create the first large-capacity gas turbine in the Russian Federation was unsuccessful: the GTD-110M turbine model collapsed on tests.

The case of the Magomedov brothers can destroy the business of Sergei Lavrov's son-in-law


In Moscow, the brothers Magomed and Ziyavudin Magomedov, owners of the Suma Group, were arrested for 2 months on suspicion of organizing a criminal community. Their arrest could hit a relative of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, businessman Alexander Vinokurov, who previously headed Summa for three years.

Motovilikhinskiye Zavody Completes Bankruptcy


The corporation "Rostekh" of Sergei Chemezov will improve the company.

Sergei Chemezov will bring "Uralvagonzavod" to collapse


At the enterprise oppressive atmosphere reigns: workers were cut back by salaries and they are afraid, that the state will stop it to support.

The Armata tank is not ready again


The British edition of The Times noted that the deadlines for the readiness of the "future tank" - the T-14 "Armata" - are once again being transferred to the Russian Federation. Apparently, he will not be put in the troops until the beginning of 2021.

Another 26% of the shares of "Kalashnikov" came to Alexey Krivoruchko


The transaction cost was 1.5 billion rubles. Under the formal control of the chairman, almost 75% of the arms group's shares turned out to be.

Sergei Chemezov merges with Sergei Lavrov's son-in-law Alexander Vinokurov


"Rostegh" and "Marathon" signed an agreement on "Nazimbio".

The court refused to return Siemens gas turbines from Crimea


Deputy Energy Minister Andrei Tcherezov noted that the first two Siemens turbines have already been installed at the Sevastopol and Simferopol TPPs and they are carrying out alignment activities.

The offender of Chemezov's family was detained in Spain


Material claims to the architect Hernandez-Getashvili were also brought by the company, for which the head of Onexim, Dmitry Razumov, can stand.

Siemens complained of fraud


Technopromexport sold the Siemens turbines to its structure in six months after it was ordered.

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation allowed state companies to hide their suppliers


Care in the shadow of subcontractors should protect schemes for circumvention of sanctions.

Siemens again wants to Russia


The companies are interested in deliveries of turbines for thermal power plants in the Krasnodar Territory.