Government of the Russian Federation


Rosneft is among Russia's largest owners of luxury helicopters


The company spends about 10 billion rubles a year to pay for flights.

Russia cuts out its forests for China's sake


The forests of Siberia and the Far East are cut down mercilessly for the sake of timber exports to China.

The devil is in the details: why Russia's coal industry has no encouraging prospects


Government's pride that Russia produces, as a typical third-world country, more coal, and carries it in ever larger quantities for ever greater distances, looks rather strange in modern conditions.

Russian Arctic programs are in jeopardy


The strategic program for the development of the North has been cut by the Russian government by 17 times. At the same time it turned out that the construction of nuclear icebreakers "Arktika", "Siberia" and "Ural" was disrupted because of technical problems that arose after the "annexation" of the subtropical Crimea.

Black marketeers and investors flee from Russia


Geopolitics, corporate conflicts and a drop in oil prices have led to an outflow of capital from Russia.

Japanese business is eyeing the Kurils


For the first time in the history of the Kuril Islands they were visited the Japanese business mission. The delegation included representatives of 32 private companies, as well as state and municipal agencies, headed by special adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan, Eiichi Hasegawa.

The government thought about cutting expenditures on the Arctic by 17 times


The government can once again cut spending on the state program for the development of the Arctic.

Rosneft invests quarter of a trillion rubles in the Arctic


The company has already invested 100 billion rubles in the Arctic projects and plans to invest 2.5 times more in the next five years.

Privatization would not sink


Who prevents the state from selling Sovcomflot shares.

Defective missile shields


The US and Russia are trying to frighten each other with non-existent missile defense systems.

Russia will push Venezuela into the pit of bankruptcy


The country is frantically looking for money, selling bonds on the cheap.

Putin's plan to get billions back from offshore havens gave the opposite effect


Putin's oligarchs prefer to become non-residents of Russia, just not to give information about their assets abroad.

Frozen Arctic


In order to save money, the Arctic may be left without an icebreaker "Leader": the budget of the state development program might be cut fourfold.

The best friends of diamonds


What is happening in the diamond mining giant "ALROSA".