Ministry of the Interior


Brothers Magomedovs want to get out of prison


The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs suggests softening the measure of restraint for the brothers Magomedov.

The scam with the plant of the concern "Kalashnikov" in Venezuela go on


A participant in the theft in the construction of arms factories in Venezuela received a soft term for important testimony.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs again buys computers on domestic processors "Baikal"


Earlier, the agency broke the contract with the "T-platforms" for 287 million rubles.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check Antonov for involvement in fraud in 10 banks


Investigators of the St. Petersburg State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs check the founder of "Converse Group" Vladimir Antonov for involvement in bank theft. It can be a scheme that affected about 10 banks, say the sources of RBC.

Transneft reported on theft of kerosene for Moscow airports


Unidentified people poured fuel from the pipe for 285 million rubles.

General Victor Trutnev was extorting bribes


The former chief of the MUR was accused of corruption and arrested.

Argentine suitcases were sent from Uruguay


The smuggling of drugs by military aircraft could take place in 2012.

Siberian innovator Dmitry Trubitsyn faces up to 5 years in prison


The investigating authorities considered the production of air purification systems to be a criminal offense.

The co-owner of a major Gazprom contractor was a official from Rosgvardia


A small Ufa company, "Peton", became the second largest builder of the monopoly.

The owner of the ChTPZ Group Andrei Komarov started playing politics


After quitting the arrest, the oligarch hid and transported his family to the United States. According to experts, he can silently sponsor oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

Ural Latypov found compromising evidence about himself


The new head of the Rosneft security service has written a statement to the Russian Interior Ministry, demanding to punish unknown people who spread libels about him in the Internet.

Mad thriller in St. Petersburg's Kresty-2


The Kresty-2 prison in St. Petersburg has been under construction for 10 years. The process involves contract murders, rampant stealing and general lawlessness.

The depositors of Geobank cannot forget Ilya Kligman and Mikhail Sakhin


Scandalous bankers Kligman and Sakhin are trying to make Internet search engines forget about their existence.