Timchenko sold the Gulfstream G650 business jet


To help Putin's oligarch came the state: the plane was bought by the Cyprus structure of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI). It was impossible to use business joke Timchenko because of US sanctions.

Why does Saudi Arabia want to build logistic parks in Russia


Saudi Arabia has acted as a partner of the Russian side in the logistics company PLT, which eventually can become one of the market leaders. To successfully develop the project, you need to invest at least $ 500 million, the expert says.

"Rosvodokanal" will earn 1 billion euros on Russians


Rosvodokanal signed a partnership agreement with the French Veolia and RFPI, and intends to increase revenues to 1 billion euros in the coming years. Such Napoleonic plans will be realized due to the increased knocking out of money from consumers.

RFPI and Arab funds turned out to be shareholders of Aeroflot


At the end of last year, they bought about 5% of the airline's shares for 10 billion rubles.

En+ estimated at 7 billion dollars


Oleg Deripaska found himself in London without any problems.

Transneft will deal with Caspian Pipeline Consortium


The Russian Federation will contribute its share in the consortium to the company's capital.

Summa Group will get grain


The group of the Magomedov brothers and RFPI can receive the entire state package of the United Grain Company (OZK).