Money investors Oleg Deripaska gave Andrei Kostin in debt


En + released UC Rusal from its pledge and significantly reduced the debt burden due to its IPO.

Oleg Deripaska is collecting Rusal


Glencore exchanges shares of the aluminum company for En+ securities.

Vekselberg and Prokhorov played an aluminum trick on Deripaska


The oligarchs sold a 3% stake in Rusal which could complicate the IPO of Deripaska's En+ in December.

Vekselberg and Prokhorov sold shares of UC Rusal for $315 million


The deal was conducted with a discount of 7.5% from the market price of these securities.

Oleg Deripaska is scared of the strong ruble


Strengthening of the ruble by 7%, the risks of volatility in aluminum prices and changes in the electricity and capacity market: these are the objective risks for Deripaska's companies.

Ukraine accused Oleg Deripaska of economic subversion


The SBU accused Rusal of destroying the Zaporizhzhya Aluminum Smelter.

Why Mikhail Prokhorov is now an American businessman


After the sale of assets, most of the projects of the businessman are in the United States.

Mikhail Prokhorov hands out aluminum


The businessman sold 7% of Rusal to Viktor Vekselberg.

Metalloinvest lost $200 million on Norilsk Nickel shares in favor of Alisher Usmanov


In 2011, the holding company bought out almost 5% of shares from Usmanov, Skoch and Anisimov, and then sold them cheaper.

Associated Press asked the Washington court to dismiss Oleg Deripaska's lawsuit


The agency claims that it can confirm its correctness by the records of negotiations and data of bank accounts.

One's own power switch


The failure at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station left the plants of "Rusal" without power. 

Deripaska said he had not asked Congress for immunity in exchange for testimony


The oligarch called this information false.

Deripaska offered the US Congress to bear testimony


In exchange, the head of Rusal asked for immunity from future criminal investigations. The American party did not agree to the conditions of the oligarch.

The Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska filed a lawsuit against the Associated Press


The reason is the publication about cooperation with the ex-head of the election headquarters of Trump, Manafort.

From Kerimov to Potanin: 10 billionaires who received the most cash in 2016


Sale of assets and dividends earned them about $12.4 billion of revenues in 2016. 

Onexim has sold 3.32% stake in UC Rusal for $240 million


Discount to the closing price on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange amounted to 9%.

Oleg Deripaska will sell the Lake Baikal to the Chinese


Whose money billionaire Oleg Deripaska will use on a mega project near the Lake Baikal? Experts suspect that the oligarch eyes the government pocket.

Hello, America


How Mikhail Prokhorov became an American billionaire.

Vekselberg was involved in a conflict with Putin's oligarchs


Viktor Vekselberg's move with Rusal crossed the road of Timchenko and Rotenberg.

Rusal puzzled its creditors


The company asked to approve the payment of dividends.

"The Phantom Menace" to Deripaska


Billionaire Viktor Vekselberg offered $1 billion to Mikhail Prokhorov for 17% of the shares of "Rusal". Experts suspect that the "buyer" wants to squeeze out another owner of "Rusal", Oleg Deripaska.

Billionaires and crisis: how the Forbes list has changed over the year


The combined wealth of 200 richest businessmen of Russia decreased by $73 billion, while the number of billionaires fell to 88 from 111.

Steel grip: how the Russian metallurgists earned on the crisis


While the economy was plunging into crisis, steelmakers and exporters earned on sharp weakening of the ruble. Who was in the best position?

Oleg Deripaska will have a look at Rusal as a president


The businessman can leave his CEO office.

Rusal was awarded 10% of the Tajikistan budget


The company of Oleg Deripaska won a longtime legal dispute with the Tajik aluminum company.