Summa Group


The richest family clans in Russia


Forbes has been ranking the most successful entrepreneurial dynasties for four years consequently. The cumulative wealth of the ten richest families of Russia over the past year has increased by $2 billion, up to $27 billion. In three of them, newcomers appeared who received shares in business.

Magomedov brothers' Summa Group carves up state budgets


Instead of the promised investments in their native Dagestan, the Magomedov oligarchs are mastering republican funds.

Another scandal erupted around Summa Group's subsidiary


The companies of the Magomedov brothers came into the spotlight in another construction scandal with embezzlement, this time in the Kaliningrad region.

Umakhan Umakhanov left Russia's nuclear forces without hydraulic drives


In the case of a bankrupt Podolsky Electromechanical Plant, a new turn has been made - the Russian Criminal Code officially recognized the fact of large-scale theft.

Summa Group will get grain


The group of the Magomedov brothers and RFPI can receive the entire state package of the United Grain Company (OZK). 

The publisher of Profil magazine was arrested for blackmailing Ziyavudin Magomedov


At the Povarskaya Street in the Tai Tai restaurant was arrested the general director of LLC IDM-Format Yevgeny Feldman for extortion of 200 thousand dollars from the Summa Group, of which Ziyavudin Magomedov is the main owner.



In 2017, VTB could possible change its management.

Evraz is ready to abandon Nakhodka


The company chooses a buyer for Evraz NCSP.

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port cheated in generosity


The attempt to pay high dividends stumbled upon covenants.

Ziyavudin Magomedov brought Fesco to technical bankruptcy


Summa Group owned by a controversial businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov is offered to sell assets to pay off its debts.

Hook on the right: how the investment bankers make money on the martial arts


Many businessmen, including the co-owner of Summa Group, Ziyaudin Magomedov, consider martial arts as a profitable investment.

Ziyavudin Magomedov's Fight Club: how to earn on ultimate fighting


Ziyavudin Magomedov, co-owner of Summa Group, goes in for martial arts and hopes to do business on them: he became co-owner of the club and promotion company Eurasia Fight Nights. Will it be possible to make money on it?

Owners of Summa Group are suspected of "raiding the budget"


The state could lose 10 billion rubles for the unfinished project of the Kyzyl-Kuragino railway, which was built by the company from the brothers Magomedov's group.

Navalny asked the FSB and the US Justice Department to check Peskov's rest


Alexey Navalny sent a statement to the Russian Investigative Committee, the FSB and the US Justice Department, accusing the president's press secretary of receiving "bribes". Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund argues that the businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov paid for Peskov's vacation on a yacht Maltese Falcon.

The general contractor of reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre proved bankrupt


CJSC SUIproekt, which received 12 billion rubles for the "project of the century" in Moscow, has not yet paid off its subcontractors.