Corruptistan: MTS and Vimpelcom telecom providers and the kick backs


Several Russian telecom companies became involved in an international corruption scandal. In order to settle on the Uzbek market, MTS and VimpelCom could have given bribes to the daughter of the country's former president – Gulnara Karimova. Sofia Savina reports on how the investigation into the case is going now.

MegaFon will interconnect Euroset


The mobile operator is ready to consolidate 100% of the retailer.

End of communication: Megafon and VimpelCom agreed on a deal to divide Euroset


MegaFon will acquire a 50% stake in Euroset from VimpelCom and will own up to 100% of its shares. VimpelCom will buy half of the retail outlets of the chain.

Why Mikhail Friedman's Spanish project became engaged in the "Russian mafia's case"


It is now difficult for the Russian investors to do business in Europe. 

Business of Megafon and Vimpelcom in Tajikistan is under threat


Tax claim of the Tajikistani officials are forcing the companies to think about leaving this market.

Aven and Fridman renounced their old friend Vacca


Shareholders of Alpha Group may face claims on multi-million dollar bribe in the European Union.

The brightest resignations and appointments in 2016


Operational managers replaced anti-crisis ones. 

Euroset may cease to exist in the next year


This will happen if MegaFon will accept the offer of VimpelCom.

Head of VimpelCom — RBC: "I am not a temporary CEO"


Kjell Morten Johnsen, who had been appointed as CEO of VimpelCom in September, gave an interview to RBC, talking about new pricing principles, how long he would work on that position and what reforms would be needed on the telecom market.  

Mikhail Slobodin siphoned off 59 million dollars from VimpelCom


Only 1/7 of Mikhail Slobodin's pillage will be confiscated.   

After Gaizer, they came for Vainzikher


The entities of Viktor Vekselberg corrupted the republic of Komi.

They came for Vekselberg: why there were searches in Renova and T Plus


As part of a bribery case in Komi, the Investigative Committee detained two top managers of Viktor Vekselberg's companies: Managing Director of Renova, Yevgeny Olkhovik, and general director of T Plus, Boris Vainzikher. The third person involved is the former head of the T Plus and CEO of VimpelCom. Mikhail Slobodin, who said he was leaving VimpelCom at midnight. 

Life after Chichvarkin: why Euroset loses the revenue and profit again


Over the last two years, retail sales decreased by 12%, while net profit fell almost five times.

Former CEO of Vimpelcom Jo Lunder arrested in Oslo


The former CEO of one of the largest telecom operators, Vimpelcom, Jo Lunder, has been arrested in Oslo. The arrest is related to anti-corruption investigation against Vimpelcom business in Uzbekistan.

Dmitry Zimin stops financing Dynasty Foundation


The nonprofit organization is unlikely to be able to continue to exist.

Banker's life: Vladimir Antonov lost hist business, but retained interest in banks


He helped his friends in London to buy Moy Bank, whose former owner Gleb Fetisov turned up in jail after the deal.

Head of Telenor will leave VimpelCom's Supervisory Board due to a corruption scandal


President of the Norwegian company Telenor leaves the VimpelCom Supervisory Board due to a corruption scandal in Uzbekistan.