Vnesheconombank (VEB) is a Russian state corporation (a non-profit) that is a former Soviet bank. Vnesheconombank has no Russian banking license (i.e. Vnesheconombank is not a bank) and is not subject to the law on banks and banking activities. Translated to the English language, its name means "Bank of Foreign Economic Activity", though it is commonly called the "Russian Development Bank", and it refers to itself as "the state corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs”.

The Russian government uses VEB to support and develop the Russian economy and to manage Russian state debts and pension funds. It is a part in the government's plan to diversify the Russian economy, and to do so receives funds directly from the federal state budget. The bank was instituted in 1922.

In July 2014 the United States Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions that prohibit U.S. persons from providing new financing to VEB after the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine.

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The Russian government approved the transformation of Vnesheconombank into a factory of project financing


The bank nearly died because of ineffective political projects, but the officials don't care. 

Sberbank claims potassium


It has bought 20% of Verkhnekamsk Potash Company from Vnesheconombank.

Top-manager of Gazprombank led the Czech factory to bankruptcy


The list of investment failures of Russian businessmen in the Czech Republic is a new business. Metallurgical plant Poldi Kladno can be declared bankrupt. The owner of the company, according to the Czech newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes, is vice-president of Gazprombank Andrey Zokin.

Kiev put an end to the Russian capital infusion


Subsidiares of the state banks of Russia cannot hope for any development.

Sheremetyevo postponed the payoff


The airport restructured the loan from VEB.   

Rosneft makes more banks


The company may buy bank subsidiaries of VEB.

Vnesheconombank will restructure the debt of the Eurodon Group owned by Vadim Vaneev


The corporate recovery will affect only non-core assets of the group.

The first stage of Udokan rose by 76% to 238 billion rubles


For this money, the Baikal Mining company intends to build a power transmission line, road and processing plant.

Financial hole in Rosinterbank reached 91 billion rubles


The negative equity of Rosinterbank, which lost its license on September 19, amounts to 90.9 billion rubles. The bank balance lacks the loan portfolio and almost all investments in securities.

Musa Bazhaev asks Sberbank for a huge loan


Billionaire Musa Bazhaev after buying the Italian resort in Sardinia, decided to get an impressive loan from Sberbank for his Russkaya Platina. 

Saboteur Kostin


President of VTB Bank caused record damage to the Russian energy sector.

The problem of $20 billion: how Development Bank became a black hole


The resignation of Vladimir Dmitriev as head of VEB, reported by RBC sources, was probably due to the fact that he had performed his tasks "without informing about the risks". How did the corporation become a "cesspool" of bad debts?

New state bank: what will bring the merge of VEB subsidiaries with Russian Capital


Two subsidiaries of VEB, Svyaz-Bank and Globex, can be merged with Russian Capital. What will come of this?

VEB has blocked the Sberbank's sale of a resort in Sochi


VEB, one of the main creditors of "Krasnaya Polyana" — Sochi resort "Gorki Gorod" — inhibits its sale. The buyer, a little-known company "Kurort Plus" has signed an agreement with the owner, Sberbank, on October 12.

VEB suffered a record loss due to the conflict in Ukraine


In 2014, Vnesheconombank suffered a record loss of 250 billion rubles. The reason was the reserves accrued Olympic credits and loans to Ukraine. VEB's board believes that the bank worked "very well."

The police came for "Razgulay"


The former administration of the agricultural holding is arrested for fraud.

AvtoVAZ terror


The largest producer of cars in Russia, much like the objects of the Sochi Olympics, requires billions of dollars of additional investments.