Andrey Kostin

Andrey L. Kostin (born September 21, 1956) is a Russian banker, currently President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank, Member of the Supervisory Council, Member of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of several VTB subsidiaries, including Bank of Moscow and VTB 24, PhD in Economics. In 2007, VTB Supervisory Council extended Kostin’s term as President and Chairman of the Management Board until 2012. In April 2012, VTB Supervisory Council reappointed Kostin until 2017.Shares owned in the charter capital of VTB Bank – 0.00036%.

Kostin graduated with honors in 1979 from Moscow State University with a degree in International Economics (major: Teaching political economy). In 2001 received a PhD in Economics for a dissertation entitled "Globalisation: A Form of Internationalisation of the Economy".

He is one of the most active representatives of the Russian banking sector and is a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC and Bloomberg TV-channel. He has three times participated in the Charlie Rose show on Bloomberg television, as well as the Hard Talk programme on BBC. He has been attending the World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland) since 1996.

The financial scarecrow for banker Pugachev


The Deposit Insurance Agency is trying to get its hands on the runaway billionaire Sergei Pugachev in the UK. The DIA is trying to prove that the businessman hid the capital in the trusts. Will the oligarch manage to save money, and who had helped him to withdraw it?

Security villa of Dmitry Kostigin


The property of co-founder of Russia's Internet retailer Ulmart was arrested in Saint-Tropez.

African safari of VTB


Why did the oligarch Alexander Mashkevich bring the state bank to the Congo?

VTB will sell its hotels in Moscow cheaply


Their buyers may turn out to be entities connected with the head of the bank Andrey Kostin or his entourage, experts suspect.

Boris Mintz and Roman Avdeev will solve their problems at the expense of VTB


Andrey Kostin enters into a dubious deal to merge with pension funds of Boris Mints and Roman Avdeev, whose financial position is close to critical.

Seven large pension funds began preparations for merger


A large deal is being prepared in the pension market. It can include pension assets of VTB, the Rossium group and the O1 Group. The assessment was initiated by VTB, which may indicate the consolidation of non-state pension assets by the state bank, experts say.

Andrey Chernyakov against VTB raiders


NGO Cosmos has been captured by the people involved in scandals with offshore salaries and bribery of Forbes.

Thieves and VTB


The corporate culture is based on the state bank embezzlement and murders of witnesses.

Difficulties of the Diamond King


Will the owner of Africa Israel Investments Lev Leviev save his business?

Andrey Kostin hides everything


VTB financial statements are made to hide the real state of affairs in the bank. That's why the rating agencies gave it low marks.

Kostin confirmed the sale of Khudainatov's IOGC


VTB Bank is interested in expanding the number of shareholders of the Independent Oil and Gas Company, which is now owned by Igor Sechin's ally Eduard Khudainatov. The company bought assets before the fall in oil prices, and now increases the debt, postpones projects and payments on loans.

The head of VTB Andrey Kostin has demanded a high rating


Top management of the second largest state bank in Russia is sabotaging the plans for privatization and accused the expert agency of the "wrong method."

Country for a penny


Russia is waiting for a new privatization, senseless and merciless.

VTB privatization will take place only after the resignation of Andrey Kostin


The current head of VTB actually blocked the decision of the Government for the sale of a blocking stake in the bank. Now the privatization is possible either after the lifting of sanctions, or after the resignation of the stubborn top manager.

Bulgarian nightmare of VTB Bank


For more than six months VTB can not come into the ownership of the largest telecommunications operator in Bulgaria Vivacom because of a questionable purchase scheme.

Kiev put an end to the Russian capital infusion


Subsidiares of the state banks of Russia cannot hope for any development.

Mystery of VTB Bank


Why VTB declined to publish its ranking and report the salary of its head Andrey Kostin.

VTB plans to double its net profit


This year, the group intends to earn 100 billion rubles, and 200 billion rubles in 2019.

VTB may buy two banks in Siberia and the Urals


State Bank resumed negotiations with Zapsibcombank, after assessing its price last spring.

VTB helped to launch the privatization of Rosneft


The bank issued a loan of 692 billion rubles for the purchase of 19.5% stake in the oil company.

Why FC Dynamo lost property and investors


After 12 years, FC Dynamo returns from VTB to the Dynamo society.

To the port for money


The head of OJSC "Company Ust-Luga" has been arrested. 

The Russian football is out of money


Russian football has never been commercially successful, but by the end of 2016 even those who had previously been willing to invest in the sport for free, have run out of money.  

VTB will do nickel and copper mining


The state bank is ready to buy the Russian Platinum's share in the steel project on the Taimyr Peninsula.



In 2017, VTB could possible change its management.

VTB Group has taken the first step from Ukraine


BM Bank has been put up for sale. 

Shopping center Afimall expels Formula Kino


The contract with the cinema chain was terminated shortly after it filed a lawsuit against Afimall, demanding to reduce rents.

Stones separated from oil


LUKOIL handed the diamond mining over to friendly investors.