Khachaturov Danil


Payments to top managers of a loss making Rosgosstrakh in 2017 increased 3.5 times


The Central Bank regrets, but nothing can be done.

Danil Khachaturov plundered "Rosgosstrakh"


The auditors found out that the insurance giant was unprofitable not only in 2017 and 2016, but also in 2015. To hide the traces, management, led by the owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov drew a fake reporting and overstated the value of assets.

The Moscow City Court did not recognize Sergei Khachaturov as a businessman


That is why he left him behind bars in the pre-trial detention center during the investigation of the theft in the Rosgosstrakh system.

Eugene Giner was the owner of Rosgosstrakh Life


Toxic president of PFC CSKA for two years kept it a secret, because "he did not want to spoil her resume."

Lawyers of Sergey Khachaturov want to pull him out of jail


For the former co-owner of Rosgosstrakh they are asked to choose any measure of restraint, except for custody.

Sergei Khachaturov fell victim to Mikhail Zadornov


The head of the board of directors of PJSC "Rosgosstrakh" and the president of the bank "Otkrytie" already stated that under Danil Khachaturov, "Rosgosstrakh" was stealing.

The brother of the ex-owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov was arrested


Sergei Khachaturov, the younger brother of the ex-owner of "Rossgosstrakh" Danil Khachaturov, was arrested. The case against Khachaturov is related to the transactions of OOO RGS Assets concluded before the change of the owner of the company.

The FSB conducted searches in the company "Rosgosstrakh Life"


On the 17th of April, searches were conducted in the central office of the company "Rosgosstrakh zhizn" on the Kadashevskaya embankment in Moscow. The representative of the company asserts that this is not connected with the operational activity.

Igor Sechin denied information on the relationship with Ulyana Sergeenko


The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, denied reports of relations with the former wife of entrepreneur Danil Khachaturov, designer Ulyana Sergeyenko. He said that he did not know her.

Igor Sechin meets his former wife Danil Khachaturov


Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin meets with his former wife Danil Khachaturov, designer Ulyana Sergeyenko.

Ministry of Internal Affairs demands to check "Rosgosstrakh"


The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI) asks the Central Bank to check the activities of Rosgosstrakh. Earlier, Mikhail Zadornov, who headed the board of directors of the insurer, accused his former leadership of theft.

Mikhail Zadornov: in Rosgosstrakh everyone was stealing


The financial problems of the insurance company are a consequence of its business model, said the new head of the board of directors of Rosgosstrakh.

The kick-back schemes of Clover Group came to an end


The developer unit of the Rosgosstrakh group, which now faces a financial distater, has no bright future. It is not excluded that in the coming months, the Russian law enforcement agencies will be interested in budget carving and kick-back schemes of the Clover Group.

Otkritie Bank was sunk by Rosgosstrakh


The insurance company and the bank of the same name, which belong to Danil Khachaturov, have been transferred to the owners of Otkritie and, ultimately, the government; for free, but with impressive debts.

Rosgosstrakh needs another 75 billion rubles


The new owner of the former leader of the third-party car insurance market in Russia , the Central Bank's Consolidation Fund, may need tens of billions to keep afloat. The expected loss of the insurance company in the next 2 years is 100-150 billion rubles.

Otkrytiye saves Rosgosstrakh for Rosgosstrakh to save Otkrytiye


Rapidly gaining momentum, the financial holding Otkrytiye absorbs the leader of the insurance market, Rosgosstrakh.

Otkrytiye to gobble Rosgosstrakh


The company Rosgosstrakh over the past year lost more than a third of its ncome in the insurance market. Now it is about to be absorbed by Otkrytiye Group, which can squeeze the former oligarch Danilo Khachaturov's asset dry.

Khachaturov's fire: billionaire insured the burnt Berezovskaya GRES


Danil Khachaturov's Rosgosstrakh faces insurance payments.

Developers experiments in Kazan can cost Rosgosstrakh Group 1.7 billion rubles


After losing the battle in Tatarstan Arbitration, Czech lender complex Clover House is trying to return the investments in the Russian capital.

Clover Group of Alexander Popov stiffed Czech creditors


Bank of Prague failed to challenge the one-time sale of apartments by the developer Clover House 111.

The crisis caught up another developer in Kazan: Clover House has fallen into the currency trap


Premises worth at least half a billion rubles have been arrested in a prestigious residential complex in the center of Kazan built on the site of the famous Zarya factory.

Panama of Rosgosstrakh: who owns the financial holding company worth $4 billion


The question about the present owner of Rosgosstrakh has been open since 2001.