Timchenko Gennady


"Gazprom" works for Rotenbergs and Gennady Timchenko


Sberbank CIB accused Gazprom of infringing the interests of shareholders. According to banking analysts, Gazprom's largest contractors turned out to be the main beneficiaries of the expensive construction of the Siberia, Northern Stream-2 and Turkish Stream export pipelines. Their cost was 93.4 billion dollars.

Historical "project: how Putin opened the Crimean bridge


President Vladimir Putin opened a regular automobile traffic along the Crimean bridge that connects the mainland with the peninsula. The main problem at first may be traffic jams, especially at the approaches to the bridge, experts warn.

How in just two years the Crimean bridge was built


Movement of cars on it will begin early in the morning on May, 16th.

Gazprom gave a contract for 74.6 billion rubles to the structure of Timchenko


The contract concerns a contract for the construction of two sections of the linear part of the overland supply to the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. In the documents, the data on the contractor-related to Gennady Timchenko of the company Stroytransneftegaz-are hidden.

Forbes published a rating of 200 richest businessmen in Russia


Forbes magazine published the 15th updated rating of Russia's 200 richest businessmen, whose overall condition is estimated at $ 485 billion.

Igor Sechin set his sights on Yamal LNG project


The attack of the head of Rosneft on Novatek Leonid Mikhelson could have the goal of forcing the latter to make room in the Yamal LNG hydrocarbon project.

Vladimir Lisin returned to the first place in the Russian list of Forbes


The list of richest people in Russia, according to Forbes magazine, was replaced by the leader. He became the owner of a controlling stake in the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine (NLMK) Vladimir Lisin. His state of the publication was estimated at 19.1 billion dollars.

Secret fleet of Putin's friends


The Shellest yacht is moored to the Praskoveevka yard. 

Privatization would not sink


Who prevents the state from selling Sovcomflot shares.

Time said about the visits of Kirill Shamalov and Lyudmila Putina to Biarritz


The deputy mayor assured the magazine that the property bought by the president's relatives was purchased exclusively for honestly earned money.

The richest people of Russia in the Forbes global ranking 2017


List of most wealthy Russians for the second consecutive year is headed by the co-owner of "Novatek" and "Sibur" Leonid Michelson.

Kings of the state order - 2017: Forbes rating


The multi-billion government contracts are obtained by mysterious contractors without tenders. 

From Kerimov to Potanin: 10 billionaires who received the most cash in 2016


Sale of assets and dividends earned them about $12.4 billion of revenues in 2016. 

Russian Aquaculture again goes to the stock exchange


The company is preparing SPO to $50 million.

Chinese game of Gennady Timchenko


The businessman told about his new hockey club, business interests in China and disclosed his family's share in Stroytransneftegaze.

Timchenko's family is the owner of 50% of the largest contractors of Gazprom


Businessman Gennady Timchenko told RBC that together with his family he owns "at least half" of one of the largest Gazprom contractors, Stroytransneftegaz. Previously it was known that 31.5% of the company belonged to Timchenko.

Beg, borrow or steal


How the First Czech-Russian Bank, which is associated with Gennady Timchenko, was robbed. 

Gazprom signed a new contract with Stroytransneftegazom owned by Gennady Timchenko


The company will build a LNG terminal in the Kaliningrad region for 21 billion rubles.

Gennady Timchenko gets even with Valery Izraylit


The favourite criminal of Vladimir Yakunin now testifies against his patron in the dungeons of the FSB.

Sanctions for President


President of the National Media Group, Kirill Kovalchuk, came under US sanctions. However, it shouldn't affect his partnership with the American holding Discovery and Turner.

Igor Sechin gave Rosneft away to his friends and enemies of Russia


The head of Rosneft sold nearly 20% of the state company to Glencore, which is closely associated with the Kremlin-connected billionaire Gennady Timchenko, and to the Qatar Investment Authority, which collaborates with Igor Sechin's advisor, Roman Trotsenko.

The Northern Sea Route could lead to Igor Levitin


In St. Petersburg, the head of the "Administration of the Northern Sea Route" Dmitry Smirnov was arrested. Putin's adviser Igor Levitin and Deputy Transport Minister Viktor Olersky may also be involved in the case. 

Vekselberg was involved in a conflict with Putin's oligarchs


Viktor Vekselberg's move with Rusal crossed the road of Timchenko and Rotenberg.

Gunvor told about the participation of Putin's "childhood friend" in its business


Oil trader Gunvor responded to the investigation of Dozd Channel about the Forbes list member Pyotr Kolbin. The company said that the business partner of Gennady Timchenko was its shareholder only for one year and completely withdrew nearly ten years ago.

Gazprom awarded the contract for the "Power of Siberia" worth 72 billion rubles without tender


Gazprom has chosen Stroytransgaz company, co-owned by billionaire Gennady Timchenko, as a contractor for the construction of 255 km of gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" without tender. The cost of the contract is 72.2 billion rubles.

Bottomless world: did Gennady Timchenko succeed in creating a strong brand of drinking water


The billionaire trusted to manage the purchased asset to his son-in-law, Gleb Frank, who heads the board of directors of Akvaniki, and Maxim Vorobiev, the founder of Russkoye More. 

Useful resources: who helped Leonid Michelson to lead the Forbes list for the first time


Michelson has one important ability: he knows how to pick the right partners in a timely manner. Perhaps the most valuable of them is Vladimir Putin's friend Gennady Timchenko.

Save and preserve: what happened to Ziyad Manasir's construction business


In the spring of 2015, the former billionaire sold Stroygazkonsalting company. Forbes finds out why, and what does Ramzan Kadyrov's friend Ruslan Baysarov have to do with it.