Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician who is the current President of the Russian Federation, holding the office since 7 May 2012. He was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000, President from 2000 to 2008, and again Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012. During his second term as Prime Minister, he was the Chairman of the United Russia Party, the ruling party.

Born in Saint Petersburg, Putin studied German at Saint Petersburg High School 281, and speaks the language fluently. He then studied law at the Saint Petersburg State University, graduating in 1975. Putin was a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 1991 to enter politics in Saint Petersburg. He moved to Moscow in 1996 and joined President Boris Yeltsin's administration, rising quickly through the ranks and becoming Acting President on 31 December 1999, when Yeltsin resigned. Putin won the subsequent 2000 presidential election by a 53% to 30% margin, thus avoiding a runoff with his Communist Party opponent, Gennady Zyuganov. He was reelected President in 2004 with 72% of the vote.

The income of Putin's nephew is 5.5 million rubles a day


Mikhail Shelomov, a relative of President Putin, last year received an average income of 5.58 million rubles per calendar day.

Vladimir Putin as a tsar


The Economist magazine again placed on the cover of a fresh issue a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This time, journalists decided to reflect on the similarity of the president's policy with the rule of Russian monarchs. For clarity, Putin dressed in a stylized costume of a tsar.

The $10 billion Russian-Indian defense project faces difficulties


However, a large package of arms contracts worth $ 6billion is almost ready.

Lady president: unexpected Russian presidential candidate


Ksenia Sobchak is ready to be nominated and run for presidency. 

By 2050, almost 70% of the Russian river fleet will have to be written off


The ships are ageing faster than they are being replaced.   

Tavrida highway has risen in price by another 30 billion rubles


The reason for the consequent rise in costs may be expensive construction materials and the lack of design documentation.

How the Russian president's residence was built


The Novo-Ogaryovo embezzlement construction case was censored in August 2017, but the case may contain information that can be considered a state secret. Alexandra Elagina looked into how to steal millions and become a criminal.

For the misdeeds of the Mursekaevs, Putin punished the head of the Ministry of Transport Maxim Sokolov


President Putin reprimanded the Minister of Transport Sokolov, threatened Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich with the same, and is now providing his aircrafts for the passengers of VIM-Avia ariline. 

Secret fleet of Putin's friends


The Shellest yacht is moored to the Praskoveevka yard. 

First among Russian scientists


Alexander Sergeyev has become the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

A Russian general was killed in Syria


Valery Asapov became a victim of mortar shelling.

$5 billion for Crimean assets: Naftogaz filed a new lawsuit in The Hague against Russia


To protect its interests, the Ukrainian oil and gas holding turned to a legal company that represented the interests of former Yukos shareholders in a dispute with Russia for $50 billion.

Helicopter failure almost resulted in tragedy


The circumstances of the incident at the Luzhsky training ground have been revealed. 

Nord Stream overflow


Nord Stream 2 participants will have to invest their money in the project instead of banks. 

Moscow named the final cost of the Zaryadye park


Expenditures for the construction of the Zaryadye park near the Kremlin amounted to 14 billion rubles. This is almost three times more than was envisaged at the beginning of the project.

The Russian authorities are short of 2 trillion rubles in 2017


Even the Russian Ministry of Finance cannot scrape together enough money for the military, road construction and special medicine. In 2019-2020, the government will need another 4 "extra" trillion rubles.

Russian Ministry of Energy won't allow Rosneft and Novatek to export gas


Monopoly on the export of Russian gas belongs to Gazprom, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said.

The bridge to Sakhalin is not needed, but will be built


This bridge will be the construction project of the next decade: the costs may exceed 600 billion rubles, although there is no acute need for the project.

The Ministry of Justice noted violations in the alleged Putin's daughter's fund


If Katerina Tikhonova does not eliminate them, she faces a fine of 2 thousand rubles.

Elementary, Putin!


How the president's friends took over his patrimonial home.

Another Putin's friend found in Russia


Ilya Traber, a former submarine officer and the gangster king of Petersburg in the 90s, now owns a business worth at least $1.5 billion. Probably because he's another friend of Vladimir Putin.

The new residence of Vladimir Putin


There are rumors that the historic Villa Selgrena near Vyborg, where the episodes of the Russian television series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were filmed, will be turned into Putin's dacha. 

Experts said that positions of Sechin, Volodin and Rotenberg may weaken


Positions of Igor Sechin, Vyacheslav Volodin and Arkady Rotenberg as the president's close associates may weaken after the elections of 2018. Dmitry Medvedev has the most stable position, a new report by "Minchenko Consulting" says.

Rosneft, Nord Stream and Putin's admiration: what does Gerhard Schröder do in Russia?


Gerhard Schröder has both political and long-term business relations with Russia, which the German leadership does not like.

Russian Central Bank will present $109 billion to the US


It sounds like an ultimatum: if the Bank of Russia does not withdraw $109 billion invested in US debt obligations and does not transfer them to securities in Europe and China, the Federation Council will have to go back to the question of its nationalization.

Andrey Malakhov will leave Russian Channel One


The rumor that TV presenter Andrey Malakhov will leave the show "Let them talk" is gathering new evidence.

Vladimir Putin did not support Igor Sechin


Vladimir Putin ordered Dmitry Medvedev's government to facilitate the dialogue between Gazprom and Rosneft.

Anton Vaino may head Putin's headquarters in the 2018 elections


It follows from the "technological" nature of the campaign itself, experts say.