The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials

What led Green Mama to collapse


In 2007, Green Mama, which produces "natural cosmetics", had a turnover of more than $60 million and was preparing for the IPO. In 2016, the turnover of the company did not exceed 2-3 million dollars, and it was in a pre-bankruptcy state.

Russians in Paradise Papers


The list includes Shuvalov's wife, Abramovich, a classmate of Putin and two deputies.

Panama is followed by Bermuda


A major leakage of documents from the offshore register company Appleby.

Rosneft was subjected to frank analysis


Sberbank CIB experts were skeptical about the company's strategy.

En+ estimated at 7 billion dollars


Oleg Deripaska found himself in London without any problems.

Alcohol flooded from abroad


Alcohol supplies to Russia have grown explosively.

Russian oligarchs are fat with money


Russian billionaires have grown rich by 22 billion dollars since the beginning of the year.

The Central Bank accused the Russians of the inability to assess inflation


Russia continues to widen the gap between official inflation recorded by Rosstat and the rate of price growth, which is observed by citizens of the country.

Transneft knew about the risks of losing 22 billion rubles from the deal with Sberbank


Transneft was aware of the risk of losses from the deal with Sberbank, which caused litigation between the companies. The calculation was provided by the bank itself, without explaining either its essence or the speculative nature of the transaction, Transneft notes.

The income of Putin's nephew is 5.5 million rubles a day


Mikhail Shelomov, a relative of President Putin, last year received an average income of 5.58 million rubles per calendar day.

Billionaire who dries bread


The owner of the brands "Kirieshki", "Babkiny Seeds", "Chipsons", Denis Stengelov, became a dollar billionaire.

Kovalchuk and the Rotenbergs are admitted into the state budget


SMP Bank and Rossiya Bank, which are under sanctions, will be able to work with state-owned companies and the budget.

Telia has ended the call


The Scandinavian company sold a stake in MegaFon to Gazprombank.

Norilsk Nickel launches the largest project in its history


That's Bystrinsky mining and processing plant worth $1.5 billion.

Dmitry Ananyev and Promsvyazbank milked Rusmoloko


Rusmoloko's minority shareholder Valery Glichiyans accused Promsvyazbank head, Dmitry Ananyev, of fraud and the deliberate bankruptcy of the dairy company.

TMK may sell its US plants


Dmitry Pumpyanskiy's pipe company wants to reduce the debt burden, which now exceeds 4 EBITDA.

Russia will spend 2 billion dollars to help Africa


The Russian authorities continue to gradually return to the Soviet practice of multi-billion injections into the African and Asian regimes, despite the federal budget deficit, a reduction in pensions in real terms and a shortage of 266 billion rubles for doctors' salaries.

Siemens claim to arrest turbines for the Crimea turned down


The Moscow Court of Appeals on October 30 denied Siemens an action to seize the equipment, which had been already delivered to Technopromexport.

Alibaba comes to Brooklyn Nets


The tallest Russian oligarch (204 centimeters) withdraws to cash from all his projects. NBA club Brooklyn Nets is no exception: the share of Mikhail Prokhorov is smaller than the Alibaba Group founder's Joseph Tsai.

Andrey Birzhin and Glorax Development build a pyramid in St. Petersburg


The larger the base area and height, the larger the volume of the pyramid. According to this old rule of geometry, near-Moscow developer Andrey Birzhin is trying to create a business empire in St. Petersburg.   

Vladimir Putin as a tsar


The Economist magazine again placed on the cover of a fresh issue a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This time, journalists decided to reflect on the similarity of the president's policy with the rule of Russian monarchs. For clarity, Putin dressed in a stylized costume of a tsar.

Russian defense sector will be shielded from sanctions


Rostec's unit may be turned into a bank for the defense industry enterprises.

American users don't want Kaspersky even for free


The developers of the antivirus say that they stole someone else's secrets accidentally and they will not do it any more.

Against Nord Stream 2


How Poland is fighting a hopeless battle. 

47 billion rubles from Roskosmos disappeared from the federal budget


Roskosmos, earning on international launches of spacecraft, owes the state nearly 47 billion rubles. That sum was named by the Accounting Chamber and added to the budget by the Ministry of Finance. But now the money disappeared.

Rebellion on the knees: Khakassia asks for financial assistance


The autonomous republic asks to support it with 28 billion rubles.

Otkritie and Binbank are absolute leaders in losses


Russian banks have published reports for the first nine months.

TMK is again preparing for the IPO of assets in the US


The company asks to withdraw guarantees from TMK IPSCO.