The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials

German Gref drove the Russians into mortgage slavery


Mortgage debts of Russian citizens to Sberbank in March 2018 exceeded 3 trillion rubles, while in the past year they grew by 500 billion rubles. In total in Russia in 2017, mortgages were issued for 2 trillion rubles.

Rosselkhozbank became a vampire of state funding


In 2017, the bank received 50 billion rubles from the state, reduced losses to 19.5 billion rubles, and demanded again life-giving budget injections.

Rosneft must pay a huge debt in 2018


The state company needs to pay off a debt of 2.2 trillion rubles, which is more than a third of its revenue in 2017.

Ukraine took away from Gazprom everything what it could find on its territory


Ukraine recovered from Gazprom about $ 3.8 million in the antimonopoly fine for 6.6 billion dollars. According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, this is all that actually was at Gazprom in the territory of Ukraine.

Sergei Generalov with high-tech business sailed to Finland


Finnish Wartsila buys a developer of navigational systems and simulators "Transas". Russian kvass patriots are furious and accuse Sergei Generalov of "treason."

Roskomnadzor is charging the price of Telegram


Created with the participation of the Russian Federal Security Service, the Russian messenger is being spun through scandals with "keys." The main thing is to demonstrate to the potential investors the unbending will of Zits chairman Pavel Durov.

"North Stream-2" will not have enough power


"Gazprom" will have to negotiate with Ukraine on the transit and after the launch of the gas pipeline.

The revenue of Rosneft for the first time exceeded 6 trillion rubles


In 2017, this indicator grew by 20%, net profit increased by 27.6% to 222 billion rubles.

Elena Luzhkova: daughter of patriots


The daughter of Yuri Luzhkov and Elena Baturina Elena Luzhkova received Cypriot citizenship.

The UK will deal with the giant apartment of Igor Shuvalov


Transparency International became interested in Igor Shuvalov's income.

Scandal and money: Americans and the British are buying up Russian debts


The demand for new Russian Eurobonds almost doubled the supply - 7 billion dollars against 4 billion dollars. In placement, a large proportion fell to investors from Britain and the US, despite the negative information background, the Finance Ministry said.

Deripaska postponed the launch of the Russian roulette


UC Rusal will make a decision about this until the end of April.

Vladimir Putin wins his own election


In the previous election of Putin, voter turnout and the result of voting for the Russian president were lower.

Putin makes billionaires


Since 2012, the state of the oligarchs in Russia has grown by $ 29.5 billion.

S7 Space was trapped with missiles for the "Sea Launch"


RSC Energia can not provide Vladislav Filev with cheap and reliable Soyuz-5 missiles. Therefore, launch will have Ukrainian missiles "Zenith", which will be purchased from the Ukrainian "Yuzhmash". The only problem is that these missiles do not exist yet.

Alexei Khotin failed to defeat Elvira Nabiullina


The court confirmed the legality of the decision to revoke the license from the bank Yugra.

Oleg Deripaska took a timeout until May to seek money


Rusal is in no hurry to buy out shares of Norilsk Nickel from Roman Abramovich.

Pavel Te rebuffs Muscovites


Capital Group scandalous businessman Pavel Te decided to participate in the renovation of housing. And I am ready to transfer 100 thousand square meters for immigrants. Criminals and officials divide the capital among themselves?

Navalny did not go to the elections


The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is again concerned about the reluctance of the Russian authorities to implement the ECHR decision.

Further Ugandization of the Russian Federation


In the Russian Federation, a protocol was put forward by Vladimir Putin for another presidential term - until 2024.

Rosneft requires from Sistema to return Bashneft's dividends


The oil company filed a new lawsuit against the AFC for 132 billion rubles.

The secret budget of the Putin system goes to Nice


Many wealthy gentlemen in Russia can still earn money, but they do not want to live any more. And they keep the suitcases with cash ready.

The government will complicate purchases of Russians in foreign online stores


The Russian authorities continue their efforts to complicate purchases for the population in foreign online stores, whose volume has doubled in the past three years, and this year may exceed 400 billion rubles.

Putin will run for president of Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in the 2018 elections. He announced his decision to the workers of GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod

The reforms of the next Putin are already outdated


Economists consider the strategy of import substitution to be erroneous in Russia.

Secret operations of the Ananiev brothers


Promsvyazbank has found money to replenish its capital. The Anan'ev brothers laid them out of their own pocket?

Siemens complained of fraud


Technopromexport sold the Siemens turbines to its structure in six months after it was ordered.

Russia was left without the Olympics and expelled from the IOC


The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended the Russian national team from participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics.