The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Serial banker Vladimir Antonov could not stand the Russian investigation


The former owner of the Lithuanian bank Snoras and the English football club Portsmouth concluded a pre-trial agreement and testified against his accomplices.

Pskovavia Airlines is waiting for an investor


The administration of the Pskov region plans to sell 75% of the shares of the regional airline for 50 million rubles.

FG "Future" will give a debt to the Cyprus offshore of Roman Avdeev


The debt of Boris Mints corporation in the amount of 1.67 billion rubles sailed to Cyprus.

Magadan is threatened by an ecological disaster in Nagaev Bay


Leakage of petroleum products caused the ecological crisis in Kolyma.

"Aeroflot" will pay 7 billion rubles for a contract for the purchase of MS-21


The airline will buy from its minority shareholders 4.3% of its securities. The company's shareholders did not support the acquisition of 50 mid-range MS-21 aircraft for Aeroflot's purchase of $ 5.2 billion.

Oleg Deripaska said about the shortage of cash from Rusal


Despite the net profit for the past year of $ 1 billion, the aluminum company again has no money. In the event of requisition by the state of 513 billion rubles from Russian metallurgical and chemical companies, Rusal's losses due to the lack of dividends from MMC Norilsk Nickel will amount to 1.4 billion dollars.

Show closes


The number of cinemas in Russia began to decline.

At the races in Slovakia, a Russian businessman was detained


In Slovakia, under the Russian international warrant, the former director general of Midland Development, Valentin Vinogradov, was detained. Before the trial, which will solve the issue of extradition, he was taken into custody. In Russia, he is accused of fraud.

Boris Mintz gives one of the largest pension groups for debts


FG "Future" will pass under the control of the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments. It can become an intermediate owner.

The big money of the hero city


Let's explore the financial flows of Sevastopol.

Rosgosstrakh demanded from Danil Khachaturov to return the company "Medis"


Khachaturov withdrew this company from the structure of Rosgosstrakh shortly before the deal to sell it to FC Opening.

"White bird" will not fly anywhere


Counterparties and suppliers intend to bankrupt the structure of the poultry group Dmitry Ananyev.

Gold mining companies opposed the removal of their super-profits


They have already threatened with a lack of gold for external settlements of the country, which in the future can repeat the experience of Iran and North Korea.

Colonel-billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko drags out the investigation


A werewolf from the Russian Interior Ministry, who had seized more than $ 120 million in the apartment, was unable to understand the charges brought against him for extorting 800,000 dollars from restaurateur Mehdi Duss.

The government is in a hurry to take coal from Russia to China


By 2025, the Russian government plans to increase the export of coal through the eastern ports to China to 195 million tons. Earlier the plan did not exceed 180 million tons.

The Central Bank found in Rosgosstrakh a switchman


"Rosgosstrakh" filed a lawsuit against the former CEO of the company Dmitry Markarov. He was suspected of inflicting damage on 241 million rubles.

Andrey Kostin will buy a troubled bank Vozrozhdeniye


VTB reached an agreement in principle with Bonum Capital on the key terms of the acquisition of Bank Vozrozhdenie.

Forbes journalists decided to strike


Half of the editorial staff is dissatisfied with the delay in wages for July and does not want to go to work.

Mayor of Orenburg, Yevgeny Arapov, incorrectly organized patronage


The official and his deputy were caught in a bribe of 600 thousand rubles. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is confident that this is not the only case of extortion by officials of money from builders.

The import substitution brought Sergei Shatilo to criminal cases


The Chinese equipment supplied by the businessman to the Samara hospitals is recognized as not corresponding to the state registration because of the color of the keys, the labels and the size of the monitors. In addition, a criminal case was initiated against Shatilo about cartel collusion.

Rosgosstrakh has become smaller, but better


The insurer cut the fees almost twice, but earned a profit after three years of loss.

Morgan Stanley refused to buy the last Stockmann asset in St. Petersburg


This decision could be connected with US sanctions against Russia.

The new Sheremetyevo terminal will be connected to Moscow for 12 billion rubles


This will be a branch from the current path of Aeroexpress.

How Rosgosstrakh and Otkrytie Holding have become entangled in debt


Of the company that owns part of the offices of Rosgosstrakh, 26 billion rubles have been withdrawn, the bankruptcy trustee said.

Vladimir Evtushenkov tore up the state defense order for the production of cruise missiles


Entering the concern RTI Systems (owned by AFK Sistema), the Dubensk Machine-Building Plant disrupted the schedule for the production and supply of components for the production of cruise missiles by the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation.

Norilsk Nickel increased its net profit by half in the first half of the year


For the first 6 months of 2018, Norilsk Nickel earned 1.65 billion dollars in net profit.

American pledge of "Rosneft" for loans to Venezuela was arrested


The American court arrested a foreign asset of the Venezuelan state company PDVSA - Citgo at the suit of the Canadian company Crystallex. 49.9% of its shares were pledged by Rosneft for its loans of almost $ 6 billion.

Public Russian companies from Belousov's plan will lose at least 1 trillion rubles


"Dekulakization" of Russian metallurgical and chemical corporations can lead to aggregate losses of more than 1 trillion rubles. Businessmen themselves do not fully believe in such measures.