Gazprombank, or GPB (JSC), is the third largest bank in the Russian Federation. The Bank’s principal business areas are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking and depositary services. Its banking activities also include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals operations, clearing operations and settlement services. The Bank has a distribution network of 43 branches and over 260 banking outlets located throughout the Russian Federation. GPB also has ownership interests in three other Russian banks. In addition Gazprombank is represented in the markets of Belarus, Armenia and Switzerland through ownership interests in three foreign banks: Belgazprombank (Belarus), AREXIMBANK-GAZPROMBANK GROUP (Armenia) and Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. Gazprombank also has representative offices in Mongolia, China and India.

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Gazprombank will give money to Igor Altushkin for environmentally unsafe Tominsk GOK


The bank will open a credit line for 54 billion rubles for 12 years. The cost of the whole project is estimated at 77.8 billion rubles. Local residents can only vainly hope that the money will be stolen and the GOK will not be built. Group will have new co-owners


This is Rostek and Gazprombank.

Renewal of the Ust-Luga-Baltiysk railroad line is postponed


The customer of the railway ferries will be the state FSUE "Rosmorport". No private partners for this project could be found.

Gazprombank's Vice-President Andrei Zokin sold the plant in the Czech Republic


Gazprombank's Vice-President Andrei Zokin got rid of the problematic asset in the Czech Republic. The bankrupt metallurgical plant Poldi Kladno was bought by a businessman from Dnepropetrovsk for $ 10 million.

Igor Sechin set his sights on Yamal LNG project


The attack of the head of Rosneft on Novatek Leonid Mikhelson could have the goal of forcing the latter to make room in the Yamal LNG hydrocarbon project.

Gazprom sold Eurobonds in defiance of problems with Great Britain


Gazprom placed eurobonds for 750 million euros despite the crisis in Russian-British relations because of an attempt on the ex-colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal. Most of the securities were bought by European investors, including from the UK.

The "United Machine-Building Plants" will be divided in two


One structure will be engaged in mechanical engineering, the other - designing.

"Daughter" of Gazprombank in Switzerland was banned from attracting private clients


The Swiss regulator FINMA banned the "daughter" of Gazprombank to attract new private customers. This decision was taken on the basis of the audit conducted in connection with the Panamanian scandal of 2016.

The Russian government will put the label "secret" on banks that work with the state defense order


This can save them from new tough sanctions.

Friends of Igor Sechin from Venezuela on the verge of bankruptcy


The Venezuelan partner of Rosneft - PDVSA - can not pay its debts.

Telia has ended the call


The Scandinavian company sold a stake in MegaFon to Gazprombank.

Zvezda shipyard needs incredible order portfolio


Entire Russia will have to fill up the order portfolio of the new Far Eastern "super shipyard". 

The devastating clan of Sergei Ivanov


The career rise of the "golden boy" Sergei Ivanov, Jr. naturally led to a disaster at the Alrosa mine in Yakutia. Hereditary chekists do not know how to create, but are trained only for sabotage.

Turkish counterstream


Gazprom Group can sell its shares in Bosphorus gas and Akfel Holding.

The head of Intesa ruled out Russia's participation in the financing of the transaction on the privatization of Rosneft


The Government approved a loan of €5,2 billion by Intesa Sanpaolo for the consortium of Glencore and QIA.

Top-manager of Gazprombank led the Czech factory to bankruptcy


The list of investment failures of Russian businessmen in the Czech Republic is a new business. Metallurgical plant Poldi Kladno can be declared bankrupt. The owner of the company, according to the Czech newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes, is vice-president of Gazprombank Andrey Zokin.

Jewelry bankruptcy of Yashma Zoloto


How one of the largest Russian jewelry chains and its owners are being bankrupted. 

Gazprombank turned out to be the owner of Aviapark Mall


It owns 30% of the mall worth more than $1 billion.   

Gazprom under nationalization


Turkey has seized its biggest trader in the country, Akfel Holding.

Unpopular model of TsentrObuv


Well-known chain store operator declared bankrupt. The company's debt is 19.2 billion rubles. Will it be enough to pay off the debts?

Lancet in aid


What the family of the Minister of Industry and Trade earns money.

Igor Zyuzin: salary feast during the plague


Mechel has a debt of 445 billion rubles, but still pays record sums to its own management.

Bankrupt from Versailles


How the owner of Doninvest Mikhail Paramonov borrowed billions of rubles from the Russian banks and went to France.

"TsentrObuv" doesn't fit in size


How Sergey Lomakin built up and abandoned the largest shoe chain

Useful resources: who helped Leonid Michelson to lead the Forbes list for the first time


Michelson has one important ability: he knows how to pick the right partners in a timely manner. Perhaps the most valuable of them is Vladimir Putin's friend Gennady Timchenko.

Save and preserve: what happened to Ziyad Manasir's construction business


In the spring of 2015, the former billionaire sold Stroygazkonsalting company. Forbes finds out why, and what does Ramzan Kadyrov's friend Ruslan Baysarov have to do with it. 

Mechel failed to find its owners


Debt restructuring is delayed due to foreign shareholders.

Khachaturov's fire: billionaire insured the burnt Berezovskaya GRES


Danil Khachaturov's Rosgosstrakh faces insurance payments.