Vladimir Kolokoltsev discovered the absence of US sanctions against Russia


Head of the Interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who is on the US sanctions list, paid a working visit to the United States. According to the general, he "did not feel any problems when entering the US".

FAS Russia suspected the Ministry of Health in collusion with the companies of Alexey Repik


Three antitrust cases have already been initiated against Alexey Repik's R-Pharm.


US Congressmen asked to impose sanctions against Evtushenkov


Two congressmen sent letters to the State Department and the US Treasury with a proposal to impose sanctions against AFK Sistema and Vladimir Yevtushenkov. This is probably the result of the intrigues of the vindictive Igor Sechin, who was not allowed to finish Yevtushenkov last year.

Valentin Yumashev officially returned to the Kremlin


Yeltsin's son-in-law, Valentin Yumashev, was officially appointed as an adviser to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the spokesman of the latter, Dmitry Peskov, "Yumashev has always been an adviser to the president."


The developers of photographic application Prisma will invest a million dollars in social network with artificial intelligence


Among investors are US funds General Catalyst, KPCB and Russian Mail.Ru Group.

Sberbank invaded the Internet real estate market


Under the impact were CIAN and Avito, which may lose part of their audience.


Alekperov and Fedun will get more than a billion dollars from Lukoil


In total, Lukoil will direct 44% of its 2017 IFRS profit to dividends, which amounted to 419 billion rubles. Vagit Alekperov and Leonid Fedun will have 1,077 billion dollars.

Company "Rusal" is trying to keep business in conditions of sanctions


Will the company be able to maintain business in spite of sanctions.


Mass mortality of fish in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District was associated with the Lukoil field


Vagit Alekperov's company could have caused a massive fish freeze in the spawning river. Local residents and scientists associate it with the works at the Pyakyakhinskoye deposit of LUKOIL. YANAO officials are afraid to investigate the incident.

The French will decide what to do with Suleiman Kerimov


In France, the court will hold a meeting on the specifics of the legal procedure in the case of Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov. He remains in France under a written undertaking not to leave the country and with a pledge of 40 million euros.


Former deputy and smuggler Vladimir Hmel is detained in Spain for tax fraud


In Spain, a former deputy of the Primorsky Legislative Assembly fled in 2008 after an open criminal case on smuggling goods from China and South Korea in Russia worth 2.3 billion rubles.

"Butcher" Alan Gagiev extradited from Austria to Russia


On the account of Gagiev - more than 60 brutal murders of businessmen, bankers and law enforcement officers. The killer could brake his delivery to Moscow as he could, simulating "aerophobia".