The Central Bank accused the Russians of the inability to assess inflation


Russia continues to widen the gap between official inflation recorded by Rosstat and the rate of price growth, which is observed by citizens of the country.

Russian defense sector will be shielded from sanctions


Rostec's unit may be turned into a bank for the defense industry enterprises.


The income of Putin's nephew is 5.5 million rubles a day


Mikhail Shelomov, a relative of President Putin, last year received an average income of 5.58 million rubles per calendar day.

Russia will spend 2 billion dollars to help Africa


The Russian authorities continue to gradually return to the Soviet practice of multi-billion injections into the African and Asian regimes, despite the federal budget deficit, a reduction in pensions in real terms and a shortage of 266 billion rubles for doctors' salaries.


Telegraph concluded an amicable agreement with Rosenberg


The company will withdraw the 100 million rubles claim to the dismissed employee. has been blocked in Russia


The website "" was blocked in Russia due to a conflict between the BBDO advertising group and the Internet shop ""


What led Green Mama to collapse


In 2007, Green Mama, which produces "natural cosmetics", had a turnover of more than $60 million and was preparing for the IPO. In 2016, the turnover of the company did not exceed 2-3 million dollars, and it was in a pre-bankruptcy state.

Russians in Paradise Papers


The list includes Shuvalov's wife, Abramovich, a classmate of Putin and two deputies.


Vladimir Putin as a tsar


The Economist magazine again placed on the cover of a fresh issue a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This time, journalists decided to reflect on the similarity of the president's policy with the rule of Russian monarchs. For clarity, Putin dressed in a stylized costume of a tsar.

Lady president: unexpected Russian presidential candidate


Ksenia Sobchak is ready to be nominated and run for presidency. 


Bribery articles of the code: who and how tried in Russia?


In Russia they like bribery: bribes are often given and almost always taken. Both high-ranking officials and lower level civil servants, big businessmen, and modest entrepreneurs, as well as ordinary citizens do that. Russiangate analyzed how and who is prosecuted for committing these crimes.

The brothers' gang: criminal succession


In October, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine named the hirer of the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov. According to the investigation, he was a Russian mafia boss, Vladimir Tyurin. In the 1990s, he headed the Bratsk (Brothers') criminal group. The kingpin’s son could also be implicated in the murder of Voronenkov. Sofia Savina found out how the head of the organized crime group passed his business to his descendants.