GC "Renova"


Why did the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Kommersant" Sergey Yakovlev leave his post


Why did his post leave the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Kommersant, Sergei Yakovlev.

Renova of Viktor Vekselberg wants to unite energy assets with Gazprom energoholding


Corrupted in the corner by American sanctions, the oligarch intends to merge his energy assets with the company Gazprom energoholding, having received a blocking stake for it.

Vekselberg became the only beneficiary of Russian assets "Renova"


Minority shareholders exchanged shares in the structures of Renova for packages in the Swiss holding Liwet Holding.

"Rosatom" renews pensions


The oligarch's structures were included in the AtomGarant NPF.

Viktor Vekselberg spent 1.6 million dollars to lobby the interests of Russia in the US


According to the Associated Press, which did not disclose the source of its information, it was such a ridiculous amount spent in the US by a Russian oligarch.

Kenes Rakishev returned Pavel Maslovsky to Petropavlovsk


The founder of the company plans to buy more shares to bring its stake to 10%.

Aeroflot changes its course and flies to Moscow


The carrier can change the development strategy.

Leonard Blavatnik bought a theater in London for $ 60 million


Access Entertainment, owned by billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, paid three times the starting price for the Royal Haymarket Theater of the 18th century.

Former Senator Pavel Maslovsky is going to get gold again


Pavel Maslovsky can again return to the operational management of the gold miner Petropavlovsk. Ex-Senator from the Amur region agreed to take the post of CEO of the group, torn apart by the corporate conflict, which he left in 2017.

1 billion francs of Victor Vekselberg frozen in Switzerland


Renova's lawyers are already preparing lawsuits against Swiss banks and their employees. According to experts, the chances of obtaining compensation for losses in court are not high.

Vekselberg's Akado may lose support for Cisco


Due to sanctions, the company may have problems with the tele-business.

Victor Vekselberg goes into cash


Having received a billion support from the state, the scandalous oligarch suggested that the structure of Gazprom - Gazprom Energoholding - be purchased at a fair price by PJSC "T Plus".

Russia repaid the debts of oligarch Victor Vekselberg for $ 1 billion


Vekselberg's Renova Group has returned $ 1 billion to a consortium of European, Swiss and American banks, including JPMorgan, Credit Suisse and UBS.

Criminal businessmen helped Viktor Vekselberg


Evgeny Olkhovik and Vladimir Kremer agreed to exchange their assets for shares in Vekselberg's European business, which fell under sanctions.

Russia saved Victor Vekselberg from sanctions


The total cost of state support for the Renova Group may amount to more than $ 1 billion.

Viktor Vekselberg told the Americans everything


Journalists learned about the conversation between people pepsprokurora US Robert Müller with Viktor Vekselberg in New York. The conversation took place at the airport in New York about two months ago, sources say The New York Times.

Viktor Vekselberg demanded again support


"Renova" asks to support the uninjured business.

Viktor Vekselberg has developed a plan for state support of his business


To help survive difficult times, the oligarch, who has fallen under US sanctions, will have to pay to the Russian budget and Russian taxpayers.

Oleg Deripaska decided to get off with a little blood


Scandalous businessman may refuse to control "Rusal".

How Renova saved its Swiss asset from US sanctions


The company of Viktor Vekselberg sold a part of the shares, but will not get money for them.

Fateful assets of Viktor Vekselberg


What does the Russian oligarch own in the US and what will it be for him because of the sanctions.

Viktor Vekselberg's assets were frozen by $ 1.5-2 billion


The reason was the US sanctions. To save his money, the oligarch has already met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Forbes published a rating of 200 richest businessmen in Russia


Forbes magazine published the 15th updated rating of Russia's 200 richest businessmen, whose overall condition is estimated at $ 485 billion.

Victor Vekselberg has margin calls


Under the US sanctions, the oligarch received problems with loans for $ 800 million. He already complained to Dmitry Medvedev and hinted at the state's participation in solving this problem.

Vekselberg could not sell the "Gold of Kamchatka"


GV Gold decided not to buy "Gold of Kamchatka" after "Renova" and Viktor Vekselberg got on the US sanctions list.

Oleg Deripaska's debts will be paid by Russian taxpayers


The government of the Russian Federation has already expressed its readiness to help companies of oligarchs who fall under American sanctions. In financial terms, this could cost $ 13 billion.

Renova will lose control in the Swiss Sulzer


The Swiss engineering company Sulzer will buy from the company Victor Vekselberg 5 million of its shares because of sanctions against the Russian businessman by the US Treasury.

How many Russian oligarchs will lose from US sanctions


The US imposed sanctions against seven Russian businessmen on the Forbes list. All assets of their assets in the US are frozen. Citizens of the United States are forbidden to enter into any business relations with them.