Investigative Committee of Russia


The head of the Kemerovo Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Mamontov was detained on the case of a fire in the "Winter Cherry"


According to the investigation, he and his subordinate did not conduct a fire safety audit of the building, which was to be held no later than March 18. In the fire on March 25 killed 60 people, including 37 children.

The Hermitage calculated the damage from Nikita Kolesnikov and Grigory Pirumov


The former deputy minister of culture became the zits chairman of the Pound, which covers the "sackings" of fantastic theft in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Igor Vorobey fell for tax fraud


The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation detained the head of the RIA "Panda", producing dietary supplements to enhance the potency of "Sealeks" and "Alikaps." Probably, foreign businessmen can stand behind the arrest of a businessman.

The investigation calculated the Summa


Brothers Magomedov charged.

One of the brothers Magomedov refused from family


The co-owner of the Suma group Magomed Magomedov considers it improper to accuse him of involvement in an organized criminal community. According to him, he practically did not communicate with his brother Ziyavudin Magomedov in 2014.

Investigative journalist died after falling from the fifth floor


Maxim Borodin investigated the activities of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group in Syria.

Penny chips for GLONASS led to multi-million dollar business


Suspects of fraud are not yet available.

Icebreaker "Arctic" can not build


The case of embezzlement during the construction of an atomic icebreaker was investigated.

The government of Dagestan found a criminal community


According to the investigation, the customer was in charge of the cabinet.

Gang of brothers Magomedov


The owners of the "Summa" group of brothers Magomedov were arrested on suspicion of creating and managing a criminal group since 2010.

"Winter cherry" was not tested in good faith


This was stated by Alexander Bastrykin. And Vladimir Putin instructed to find a document on the inspection of the shopping center and the signer without comment.

In the TRC "Winter Cherry" disabled the alarm and blocked the doors of the cinema halls


The guards disconnected fire safety systems in the Kemerovo shopping center "Winter Cherry" 15 minutes before the fire, says Igor Polozinenko, head of the company that served fire extinguishing and alarm systems.

In the fire in the TRC "Winter Cherry" Kemerovo killed more than 60 people


The fire exits were blocked, and the security system was turned off by the guard.

The plane dropped the gold


A valuable cargo fell through the cargo hatch An-12.

General Victor Trutnev was extorting bribes


The former chief of the MUR was accused of corruption and arrested.

Valery Pshenichny hanged himself in the absence of cellmates


In St. Petersburg, the suicide bomber struck a case of embezzlement of funds for a submarine.

Anatoly Motylev will be searched all over the world


The former owner of the three bankrupt banks was arrested in absentia.

Murder on the roadside: what is accused of businessman Telman Ismailov


Telman Ismailov, formerly one of the wealthiest metropolitan businessmen, was charged with murder and arrested in absentia. If the prosecution convinces the court that its arguments are justified, Ismailov faces life imprisonment.

Nemtsov case: the paymaster's trail has been stamped out


The murder is not solved, and will never be solved. The Chechen security forces, de facto licensed to shoot opposition politicians, are ptetty much sure of it.