Investigative Committee of Russia


Mayor of Orenburg, Yevgeny Arapov, incorrectly organized patronage


The official and his deputy were caught in a bribe of 600 thousand rubles. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is confident that this is not the only case of extortion by officials of money from builders.

The import substitution brought Sergei Shatilo to criminal cases


The Chinese equipment supplied by the businessman to the Samara hospitals is recognized as not corresponding to the state registration because of the color of the keys, the labels and the size of the monitors. In addition, a criminal case was initiated against Shatilo about cartel collusion.

Members of the GTA gang received punishment


A gang of murderers and robbers, created explicitly under the auspices of individual representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies, in the truncated group "held out" until the verdict. Out of 15 bandits, 5 were killed earlier, 4 more were sentenced to life terms, and 1 to 20 years in prison. Five more bandits fled abroad.

In the Orenburg region, werewolves in shoulder straps attacked pigs


The largest selective complex in Russia is the "Vishnevsky" collective center, which is being broken up with the help of the siloviki.

The bet for bookmakers was found in the Criminal Code


The case against the managers and employees of Rosbet was brought up.

Co-owners of the Urban Group fled Russia


The former co-owner of the Urban Group, Andrei Puchkov, managed to flee abroad before his arrest. The main owner of the development company, "Professor" Alexander Dolgin, did it even earlier.

What is known about the murder of Russian journalists in the center of Africa


What brought Russian journalists to the Central African Republic, who could stand behind their murder and what are the interests of Moscow in this country.

The former general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin, Sergey Lemeshevsky, went to jail


Babushkinsky district court of Moscow found it dangerous to leave the former space top manager on the loose.

Alexander Lamonov received five years of strict regime, a fine and lost his title


The werewolf, who had crawled into Russian law enforcement agencies, was deprived of epaulettes and sentenced to a fine of 32 million rubles.

Colonel Zakharchenko was sent to court


The case of a former officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, who collected more than 9 billion rubles in foreign currency at his apartment, was completed.

Five employees of the Yaroslavl UFSIN arrested in the case of beating a prisoner


Five employees of the Yaroslavl UFSIN were arrested in the case of beating a prisoner Evgeny Makarov.

The general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin, Sergey Lemeshevsky, became a suspect in a criminal case


Top-manager of the Russian "space corporation" was accused of fraud for 330 million rubles. Lemeshevsky is still at large, but from August 2 he will leave his post.

General Sergei Golkin tracked all the money of the RF Ministry of Culture


The major-general told how the investigation is conducted on the most resonant cases related to embezzlement of budget funds.

The main Tomsk rescuer was suspected of corruption


The head of the Tomsk Ministry of Emergency Situations, ranked Major General, the Chekists were arrested for a bribe at a ridiculous amount of several hundred thousand rubles.

The Black Sea Fleet revealed embezzlement during the repair of power plants


The Black Sea Fleet revealed theft during the repair of power plants.

Ex-lieutenant colonel of the FSB Ruslan Gagoev admitted his guilt in an attempt to rob Yuri Glotser


The criminal lawyer concluded a deal with the investigation and was released from the SIZO for house arrest.

Two new defendants appeared in the criminal case of Anatoly Motylev


The investigation found that 2014-2015 years, Motylev and his accomplices withdrew from the bank "Russian credit" 17.6 billion rubles.

Employees of the FSIN in the Yaroslavl region fell victim to the torture of prisoners


The video of the beating of prisoner Yevgeny Makarov fell into the hands of journalists. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation instituted a criminal case on the abuse of official powers by jailers.

In the case of theft in Novo-Ogarevo may appear a new episode


In the investigation of the theft of funds during the reconstruction of the presidential residence in Novo-Ogarevo, a new episode may appear.

SCR initiated the first criminal case in connection with the collapse of the Urban Group


The Investigative Committee took the leadership of one of the subsidiaries of the Urban Group with a great delay, from which 70 to 120 billion rubles were withdrawn.

The leaders of the NGO named after Lavochkin are checked on the validity of payments to lawyers


Investigators unravel the scheme of embezzlement in an NGO, in which money was withdrawn under the guise of agreements with the Tretyakov and Partners law firm. The Bureau was supposed to represent the interests of NGOs in squabbles with the parent organization, Roskosmos.

Top manager of "Rosnano" Andrey Gorkov left pre-trial detention center "Matrosskaya Tishina"


The Moscow City Court considered that the top manager of the company Andrei Gorkov should not sit twice for the same thing.

Aslan Gagiev was accused for a life sentence


The criminal authority given out from Austria did not recognize the organization of the killer community.

Defendant in the case of the murder of a retired FSB Lieutenant Colonel arrested in absentia


In absentia arrested lawyer Vladimir Sveta, whom the investigating authorities consider the client to be the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Vasilyev in Stary Oskol in March 2018.

Interprogressbank can get under the control of law enforcement agencies


"Interprogressbank" can get under the sights of siloviki. They will check his possible participation in the offshore empire of Alexei Krapivin. The bank itself, according to observers, is already breathing heavily.

Former deputy and smuggler Vladimir Hmel is detained in Spain for tax fraud


In Spain, a former deputy of the Primorsky Legislative Assembly fled in 2008 after an open criminal case on smuggling goods from China and South Korea in Russia worth 2.3 billion rubles.

Yan Ryazantsev and Mikhail Chuchkevich stole 1.3 billion rubles in venture capital


For the theft of budget funds, former member of the board of the Russian venture company Yan Ryazantsev and former senior adviser Anatoly Chubais in Rusnano and Mikhail Excholzhenko, partner of the former minister for Open Government Mikhail Chuchkevich, were arrested.

A dead judge was found guilty of taking bribes from a dead builder


For 6 million rubles, federal judge Sergei Moskalenko delivered an acquittal to the builder Victor Berg.