Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation


The escaped military builder Alexei Dushutin is wanted


After serving six years in jail, the former head of OAO "VSUM" was released last year under house arrest, after which he quickly escaped from the country. The investigators intend to find him through Interpol in Canada, where he is hiding.

Investigative Committee took for the gills glamorous Ksenia Sokolov


Investigators are investigating a criminal case on the excess of mid-term duty in the fund "Just Aid to Dr. Lisa." This may end with the planting of the head of the fund Xenia Sokolova.

In Novosibirsk, the astronomer came to grips with the werewolves of Sergei Bastrykin


Arrested in February 2018, the director of the Novosibirsk Planetarium, Sergei Maslikov, was relieved of the charge of receiving a bribe before exceeding official authority. In defense of the astrologer, the public, academia and even astronauts spoke.

The FSO General was accused of assisting the "construction OPG"


According to the investigation, the general was protecting a criminal group that stole 1.5 billion rubles at the Ogarevo-53 facility, the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Moscow arrested two officers of the " M " FSB


For the pogrom in the Moscow branch of the Investigative Committee will answer Major Sergey Nikityuk and captain Konstantin Strukov, famous for "sweeping" the former deputy head of the FSIN of Russia Oleg Korshunov. Chekists from the management of the "M" FSB RF two years ago allegedly lit up on extortion from the owner of a small market in Moscow.

Former director of a construction firm is accused of stealing 800 million rubles from co-investors


The former director of the construction company Glavnovosibirskstroy-2 is accused of stealing 800 million rubles from co-investors in Novosibirsk. It remains questionable whether the businessman will go to court, for his partner Eugene Saloha has already fled to Canada.

Investigation of the case of the death of 60 people in a fire in the "Winter Cherry" is completed


No complaints about the real owner of the burned down shopping complex, where 64 people were killed in March 2018, did not arise to the Russian oligarch Denis Stengelov from Russian law enforcement agencies. For the time being, small fry will go to court.

Colonel General Sergei Shlyakov was not allowed home arrest


Three times awarded by the presidents of the Russian Federation, the former deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia was put on suspicion of fraud in the pretrial detention center until September 25.

A companion of spy Karina Turcan Evgenia Voronova escaped from Inter RAO


Head of the department of the block of trading "Inter RAO" Evgenia Voronova hastily resigned from the company after the arrest of her boss - accused of spying for Romania, Karina Turcan. Voronova is the daughter of Oleg Deripaska, a long-time associate of Vladimir Kiryukhin, who dealt with government agencies at En + Group.

Ex-Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service Oleg Korshunov stole 263 million rubles


It was this amount that caused damage to the state budget, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said. Now the Prosecutor General's Office must figure out how reliable this figure is and the incriminated to Korshunov and his accomplices episodes of criminal offenses.

Ex-chief of the SSD of the TFR arrested on the testimony of General Nikandrov


The former head of the Investigative Committee for Moscow did not have a month to obtain a lawyer status, which would protect him from the upright testimony of ex-subordinates.

Former chief investigator of Moscow arrested on corruption case


He was charged with receiving a bribe from a thief in the law of Shakro the Young (Zakhary Kalashov).

The owner of the Orel Niva was released as a result of a special operation


The owner of the "Orel Field" was released as a result of a special operation. The criminals demanded 20 million rubles from him.

President of "OFC-Bank" Nikolai Gordeyev is suspected of abuse of power


The president of the deceased "OFC-Bank" Nikolay Gordeev is suspected of abuse of authority while running a credit institution.

Deputy head of the customs risk control Department of the FCS Georgy Balakin is under house arrest


The deputy head of the customs fraud control department of the Federal Customs Service Georgy Balakin was "handed over" by accomplices from the Far Eastern customs, which the FSB and the Russian Federation have been foiling for several months.

Top-manager of "Inter RAO" Karina Turcan was a citizen of Romania


The arrested on suspicion of spying for Romania, a member of the board of "Inter RAO" was not three, but only two citizenships: Russia and Romania. In 2016, Karina Turcan refused from Moldovan.

"Butcher" Alan Gagiev extradited from Austria to Russia


On the account of Gagiev - more than 60 brutal murders of businessmen, bankers and law enforcement officers. The killer could brake his delivery to Moscow as he could, simulating "aerophobia".

Damage in the case of embezzlement at the construction site of Putin's residence grew to ₽1.5 billion


The amount of damage in the case of the FSO subordinate company that built facilities in Novo-Ogaryovo increased and amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. The investigation accused the accused of creating a criminal community and is preparing to bring charges against the new defendants.

The richest Omsk deputy was detained on suspicion of fraud by 1.4 billion rubles


Sergei Kalinin with an annual declared income of 250 million rubles cheated with gas tariffs.

MOE completed the search for the dead at the crash site of the catamaran in Volgograd


On June 11, the "Elan" catamaran, where local law enforcement officers celebrated the birthday of one of them, crashed into a barge on the Volga in the Volgograd region. The vessel was run by the drunk and formerly convicted former head of the Kalachevsky district of the Volgograd region Dmitry Khakhalev. 11 people died.

Rusnano top manager Andrei Gorkov detained on a new charge


Arrested more than a year ago, the managing director of "Rusnano" for investment activities was charged under the second article. So, he will stay in prison for another year.

Money Colonel-billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko disappeared in the budgets


From the list of material evidence in the case of Colonel MVD Dmitry Zakharchenko, money for more than 9 billion rubles and gold bars that were confiscated in his two apartments were excluded.

IKEA opponents are judged for slander and suspected of fraud


Konstantin Ponomarev at first will be judged for an easy, and then for a serious crime.

Mikhail Yurevich accrued 143.6 million rubles


OAO Makfa, owned by the family of the former governor of the Chelyabinsk region, could not protest the additional tax penalties. The ex-governor himself has been hiding in the UK for a couple of years, while in Russia the IC of the Russian Federation is investigating several criminal cases against him.

Boris Mazo escaped from the Russian prison


Ex-head of the Department of Property Management and Investment Policy of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Boris Mazo decided not to return to the SIZO on a new charge of embezzling 450 million rubles in the repair of the State Hermitage. A fugitive official will be looking abroad.

Alexander Bastrykin called to close Instagram, which is "guilty of a terrorist attack in Leningrad"


The head of the Investigative Committee also demanded "to save children from the Internet".

Bank "Monolit" acquired corruption fissures


The former management of the bank "Monolit" got under criminal prosecution, the member of the board of directors of which was a well-known lawyer and businessman Dmitry Yakubovsky. They are accused of embezzling 6.4 billion rubles.

Kirill Serebrennikov was left under house arrest


The Moscow City Court rejected the complaints of the defendants of the case of the "Seventh Studio" and their defense for the extension of the accused's terms of house arrest.