Ministry of Finance of Russia

Sergey Viktorovich Chemezov (born August 20, 1952, Cheremkhovo, Soviet Union) is CEO of Rostec Corporation (formerly the Director General of Rosoboronexport), and a lieutenant-general. In addition, he is the Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization - Russian Engineering Union, as well as President of the All-Russian Industrial Association of Employers - Russian Engineering Union.

Chemezov is a member of the commission on military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign states, through which he actively advocates for Russia to maintain and strengthen its position as the largest player in the global market for military products.

Chemezov is an influential part of an elite group of former spies and security men known as the Siloviki. Closely identified with one of the Kremlin's shadowy siloviki clans, was appointed by a presidential decree on November 26, 2007 as the Director General of Rostec. He holds a military rank of Colonel general. Chemezov is a trusted ally of President Putin, whom he has known since the 1980s when they lived in the same apartment complex in East Germany.

Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Health disrupted the project of connecting hospitals to a unified healthcare system


According to the Accounts Chamber, this will lead to a shortage of budget funds.

The government will help Rusal through Promsvyazbank


Before the announcement of the collection of donations among state employees and pensioners in favor of the victim of US imperialism, the oligarch remains very little.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to accelerate the introduction of new duties on Internet commerce


The Ministry of Finance proposes to lower the threshold of duty-free Internet trading to 500 euros as early as July 1. Earlier, to begin to impose duties on a parcel of more than 500 euros, the government was going to start on January 1, 2019.

The government's pocket is a quarter full


Three quarters of the government's reserve fund for 2018 has already been spent.

Scandal and money: Americans and the British are buying up Russian debts


The demand for new Russian Eurobonds almost doubled the supply - 7 billion dollars against 4 billion dollars. In placement, a large proportion fell to investors from Britain and the US, despite the negative information background, the Finance Ministry said.

The defense banks came up with a security against new sanctions


To save banks working with OPK from a new wave of sanctions pressure, the authorities are considering the possibility of creating a cash management center under the Treasury. According to experts, this will only remove some of the risks.

Russian ruble convertibility may be limited during the crisis


Obligatory sale of foreign exchange earnings, purchase of currency with the permission of the authorities, a special account for certain operations: the right to impose such measures is requested by the government and the Central Bank of the Ministry of Finance.

Alexey Kudrin urged to prepare for the inevitable increase in taxes


The Russian authorities intend to take the Russians to the cleaners. 

The privatization of Rosneft was paid by the Russian government


The budget profit from the sale of 19.5% of Rosneft is exceeded by the tax benefits for the oil company by 700 billion rubles.