Friends of Igor Sechin from Venezuela on the verge of bankruptcy


The Venezuelan partner of Rosneft - PDVSA - can not pay its debts.

Sechin's expansion: why Trump wants to prevent Rosneft from gaining control over Citgo


Washington is preparing for the possible Rosneft's control over the Venezuelan Citgo, which processes 5% of all US crude oil.

Rosneft invested 6 billion dollars in Venezuela


This is the advance payment of Rosneft to the state company PDVSA for oil supplies.

US fears Rosneft


The Russian state-owned company can gain control over Citgo, which owns energy assets in the US.

Igor Sechin is lured into Venezuelan swamp


PDVSA invited Rosneft to get a share in the joint venture with the US Chevron.

Sechin's weird bails


Rosneft is ready to accept the responsibility for $11 billion of loans to third parties.

Net profit of Rosneft has fallen by half


The company estimated the loss from tax maneuver at 165 billion rubles.

Latin reshuffle: what Russia should expect from the regime change in Venezuela


For the first time since 1999, supporters of Hugo Chavez lost the majority in the Parliament of Venezuela. That shift can affect the economic relations with Russia: the new authorities can review the existing investment projects.