Dmitry Ananyev and Promsvyazbank milked Rusmoloko


Rusmoloko's minority shareholder Valery Glichiyans accused Promsvyazbank head, Dmitry Ananyev, of fraud and the deliberate bankruptcy of the dairy company.

Promsvyazbank is on the verge of collapse


The bank of the Ananiev brothers is following the steps of Otkritie Bank.

What threatens Promsvyazbank and Moscow Credit Bank


Banks from the "Gavrilov list" redeem their debts from the market. In the past week, this decision was practically simultaneously adopted by the Moscow Credit Bank (IBC) and Promsvyazbank (PSB). The decision to redeem the bonds was preceded by a sharp drop in the value of securities of both issuers.

Russian Ministry of Finance will waste 800 billion rubles to save banks


Ordinary Russian taxpayers will have to pay for the problems of the oligarchs' banks.   

The richest family clans in Russia


Forbes has been ranking the most successful entrepreneurial dynasties for four years consequently. The cumulative wealth of the ten richest families of Russia over the past year has increased by $2 billion, up to $27 billion. In three of them, newcomers appeared who received shares in business.

Major banks' July reports show no problems, Alfa-Bank, MKB, Promsvyazbank increased most of the indicators


Alfa-Bank, MKB, Promsvyazbank increased most of the indicators.

Promsvyazbank is going to develop its business in Africa


Promsvyazbank has set its sights on developing business in 10-15 African countries. Despite the existence of points of economic growth in this region, analysts point to the risks associated with an unstable political situation.

Alfa Capital named risky banks


It warned the clients about the problems of FC Otkritie, MKB and Promsvyazbank.

Russia's Promsvyazbank accused of fraud in Cyprus


According to the prosecution, the Russian bank entered into an agreement with the local company.

Commercial secret of the Ananyevs


Their Promsvyazbank is on the verge of bankruptcy, but it shows a profit.

Promsvyazbank's credits disappeared in the hands of Alexander Gusakov


The founder of Heliopark Group will be tried for the theft of more than 600 million rubles.

Offshore pigs: the largest pig farm in Saratov has been bought by the company from Cyprus


In February, the owner of 95% of the share capital of OOO Ramfud-Volga, the company "Ramfud", was auctioned off. 

Jewelry bankruptcy of Yashma Zoloto


How one of the largest Russian jewelry chains and its owners are being bankrupted. 

Deutsche Bank fired about 200 employees in Russia


The Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Bank had a new wave of layoffs at the end of 2016. In total, since 2015, when the bank announced plans on business optimization in Russia, about 200 people have been fired. 

Lenders beset Igor Mavlyanov's Yashma-Zoloto from all sides


Promsvyazbank and Sberbank are going to get up to 9.7 billion rubles from Igor Mavlyanov and Robert Martirosyan.

Nikolay Tokarev's gold pipe


The head of Transneft makes profit at the expense of the state. 

Ananievs are engrossed in "Razguliay"


Promsvyazbank owners have found a new niche for fraud.

Excessive dependence of KAMAZ on the state disappointed Moody's


Rating of the auto giant has been lowered to B1 with a negative outlook on the background of the extension of part-time work.

The families of Muratkin and Murov, Crimean energy bridge and disappeared billion


The friends of the FSO director chated the Ananyev brothers, under the guise of salvation of the Crimea from the Ukrainian darkness.

Crimean energy bridge builder asked to pay


Under the threat of criminal proceedings for a particularly large fraud.

Dive to the bottom: the fall in prices doesn't satisfy the Ananyev brothers


Billionaires are willing to sell the office and exhibit complex on Berezhkovskaya.

How the creditors of Svyaznoy ended up in a trap


Why Maxim Nogotkov's attempts to transfer Svyaznoy Group to a new owner fail again and again? It seems, that even having agreed on one version, he never ceases to look for more profitable deal. But the delay reduces the cost of the retail chain.