Son of the head of Rosgvardia will be engaged in quantum technologies


Roman Zolotov became a co-owner of the NGO Quantum Technologies, which will launch new quantum developments on the market. Such technologies are used to create secure communication systems and sensors for the Internet of things.

Roshvardiya was offended by Obid Yasinov


Honored builder of Russia tried to throw Victor Zolotov's department into 400 apartments for the siloviki.

Grandson of the head of Rosgvardia Victor Zolotov lives in London and invests in bitcoins


In addition, Artem Chechihin uses Telegram, banned in Russia, starred in two music videos and plans to open a chain of coffee houses.

The US imposed new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and officials


The new list includes 26 people and 15 companies. Among them are Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg, Suleiman Kerimov, Alexey Miller and Andrei Kostin.

The co-owner of a major Gazprom contractor was a official from Rosgvardia


A small Ufa company, "Peton", became the second largest builder of the monopoly.