Alexey Khotin is waiting for a prince


The owner of Jugra Bank called for an investor from Saudi Arabia.

Alexey Khotin left the Russian Federation


While the shareholders of Jugra Bank, where external management is introduced, declare their ability to independently turnaround the financial and credit institution, the media reported unconfirmed information that the main owner of the bank, Alexey Khotin, allegedly had already left the Russian Federation. The businessman is planning to live in Switzerland and other countries of the world.

Who got loans from Alexey Khotin's bank


The share of affiliated of loans affiliated with the bank's owners can greatly surprise the regulator.

Rosneft can sell four oil refineries


Processing has become unprofitable after tax maneuver, some plants suffer losses. Rosneft denies the sale.

Rejected Khotin: partners deny that the businessman is involved in the oil business


Former associates of the owner of the Complex Investment holding said that the businessman wasn't the owner of the oil assets and companies, which had been purchased by $1 billion.