Sberbank of Russia is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow. Sberbank has operations in several European and post-Soviet countries. As of 2014 it was the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the third largest in Europe, ranked 33rd in the world and first in central and Eastern Europe in The Banker's Top 1000 World Banks ranking.
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Rosneft was subjected to frank analysis


Sberbank CIB experts were skeptical about the company's strategy.

Transneft knew about the risks of losing 22 billion rubles from the deal with Sberbank


Transneft was aware of the risk of losses from the deal with Sberbank, which caused litigation between the companies. The calculation was provided by the bank itself, without explaining either its essence or the speculative nature of the transaction, Transneft notes.

Russian defense sector will be shielded from sanctions


Rostec's unit may be turned into a bank for the defense industry enterprises.

Sberbank wants to increase profits to one trillion


That's the profit of all Russian banks taken together.   

Russians lose money because of constant failures in Sberbank


The largest bank of the country moves from one failure after another. First, ordinary customer debit cards suddenly became credit cards. Then the system of electronic payments, "Sberbank online", was broken again.

Maxim Blazhko enjoys the debt


The bankrupt businessman can disappear abroad, leaving his creditors high and dry. 

Yandex and Sberbank will trade together


They will create a joint venture on the basis of Yandex.Market.

Said Kerimov transfers his debts from Cyprus to Jersey


His PGIL pledged 51% of Polyus to Sberbank.

Sberbank and Ukraine: why there is a new contender for the bank's subsidiary


While the NBU is thinking over permission to sell Ukrainian Sberbank to a consortium of investors represented by Said Gutseriev and Norvic Bank, another buyer, Viktor Prokopenya, emerged.

Herman Gref has collected the most money of future pensioners


Sberbanks' pension fund overtook the former leader in that branch, Anatoly Gavrilenko's Alor Group funds. 

Ex-owner of TagAZ got frozen in Cyprus


Sberbank accuses Mikhail Paramonov of fraud.

Gas is dissipated over the Atlantic


Experts doubt that LNG from the US has bright future. 

Sberbank is ruined by greed


How the head of Sberbank Herman Gref wanted to take a fee for using the ATM and how it did not work out.

The Safins' pipe business is given away in exchange for lobbying


Nikolay Yegorov took a controlling stake in the Zagorsky Pipe Plant as payment for assistance in securing financing from Sberbank.

Sberbank Ukraine will be bought by Grigory Guselnikov and Said Gutseriev


The cost of the announced deal was not mentioned.

The American claim to Sberbank and Herman Gref worth $750 million can be canceled


One of the defendants found a way to remove the plaintiff from the case.

The Russian banks in Ukraine are deprived of the capital


Russian banks at risk of losing business in Ukraine.

Suleiman Kerimov has exhausted his luck


Oligarch Karimov could change his assets in Russia for a peaceful old age in Europe.

Cash games


Why does the Ministry of Finance once again lure the citizens to by the federal loan bonds.

Deripaska brings his holding company to the stock exchange


En + is preparing to sell shares for $1.5 billion.

Moscow had a record revenue in 2016


Perhaps, 100 billion rubles in that income were provided by Sberbank. 

Jewelry bankruptcy of Yashma Zoloto


How one of the largest Russian jewelry chains and its owners are being bankrupted. 

Kiev put an end to the Russian capital infusion


Subsidiares of the state banks of Russia cannot hope for any development.

Gref, Yevtushenkov and Rashnikova are united in venture capital investment


Sberbank and Rashnikova company invested 2 billion rubles in the venture capital fund of the AFC "System".

Russian banks in Ukraine enlarged their client bases at the expense of Privatbank


Nationalization of Privatbank has played into the hands of Ukrainian branches of Russian banks. According to RBC, they have been able to attract a significant number of its customers and increase the deposit base.

Sberbank and German Gref have become defendants in US court


They and a number of other companies and individuals received claims for $750 million.

The Government has appointed the Russian Auction House as a state procurement platform


The market believes that the government has exceeded its power.

Money deposits of Musa Bazhaev


It became known that the company Russian Platinum owned by businessman Musa Bazhaev will sell 20 percent of its stake in the projects on development of deposits on the Taimyr Peninsula to VTB.