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German Gref drove the Russians into mortgage slavery


Mortgage debts of Russian citizens to Sberbank in March 2018 exceeded 3 trillion rubles, while in the past year they grew by 500 billion rubles. In total in Russia in 2017, mortgages were issued for 2 trillion rubles.

Sberbank lost 1.2 billion euros in Croatia


The High Court of London banned the bank of Herman Gref to demand from the ruined Agrokor money issued without any pledge in debt.

German Gref will absorb the Russian financial system


The better the business of Sberbank, the worse for the Russian financial and banking system.

The American court refused to try Herman Gref for the raider on the "Pavlovskgranit"


The court considered that the case of accusations of raiding in Russia is not subject to judicial proceedings in the United States.

Prokhorov and Gref wrote Makron a letter in defense of Kerimov


Thirteen Russian knights of the Order of the Legion of Honor spoke in support of Senator Suleiman Kerimov, who in France is accused of tax evasion and money laundering.

Transneft and Sberbank conclude an urgent deal


A loud argument about currency options can be settled in three weeks.

Transneft and Sberbank decided to conclude an amicable agreement


The court postponed the consideration of the claim for 67 billion rubles to settle the dispute.

Andrei Kostin knocked out German Gref from the Moscow subway


VTB will replace Sberbank's ATMs in the Moscow Metro with its own.

London Court sided with Croatia in its dispute with Sberbank


Now, it will be more difficult for German Gref to collect 1.3 billion euros from the largest Croatian company Agrokor.

The largest company in Croatia refused to return to Sberbank 1 billion euros


The largest company in Croatia, the food retailer Agrokor, decided not to recognize the claims of its largest creditor, Sberbank, as it sued the company outside of Croatia.

Savings for the third month running from Sberbank


Sberbank of Russia continues to record outflow of funds for the third month in a row. In October, citizens withdrew another 40 billion rubles from deposits in the largest state bank of the Russian Federation, the bank's RAS reports show.

The Safins' pipe business is given away in exchange for lobbying


Nikolay Yegorov took a controlling stake in the Zagorsky Pipe Plant as payment for assistance in securing financing from Sberbank.