Sechin Igor


Beijing opposed "Rosneft" off the coast of Vietnam


Beijing publicly expressed its dissatisfaction with the actions of Rosneft on the Vietnamese shelf, in the waters of the South China Sea.

Rosneft pushed away from the financial abyss


The company Igor Sechin refinanced about 1 trillion rubles of short-term debt, reducing it to 2.8 trillion rubles. According to experts, the Moscow Credit Bank could take part in this scheme.

US sanctions cut off Rosneft and Eni offshore projects


Total losses could exceed $ 270 million.

Qatar replaced for "Rosneft" China


Qatar investment fund QIA saves a deal to privatize the state stake in Rosneft.

Mega-transaction on the privatization of the stake in Rosneft has burst


The Glencore and QIA consortium announced the termination of the agreement to sell the stake in Rosneft to the Chinese CEFC.

Igor Sechin loses his ally in Latin America


The oil sector of Venezuela is falling apart.

Igor Sechin dances on a hot frying pan


"Rosneft" for the first time in history will resort to the redemption of its shares. So far, it has been declared for $ 2 billion. This will help support the share market of the company, which alone this year is to pay up to 40 billion dollars from its almost 100-billion debt.

Igor Sechin's partner from China turned out to be a rogue bankrupt


At the end of the "multitrack" launched by the Kremlin in December 2016 to privatize the stake in Rosneft was the head of the Chinese CEFC corporation E Jianming. His company expectedly delayed the first tranche ($ 1.8 billion) of payment for a 14.16% stake in Rosneft, and the deal actually collapsed.

Magomedov's wife has a joint business with the wives of Surkov and Sechin


The wife of the arrested businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov Olga Shipilova led a joint business with the wife of presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, Natalia Dubovitskaya. Marina Sechina, the ex-wife of the head of Rosneft, was also associated with the project.

Igor Sechin set his sights on Yamal LNG project


The attack of the head of Rosneft on Novatek Leonid Mikhelson could have the goal of forcing the latter to make room in the Yamal LNG hydrocarbon project.

Emir of Qatar expects from Vladimir Putin promised buyers for the shares of "Rosneft"


Mnogodhodovochka with the sale of shares of Rosneft has reached a dead end. The Chinese CEFC still has a week to pay 1.5 billion euros for Rosneft shares, but the Chinese company does not intend to buy these securities.

Vagit Alekperov prepared a will


The LUKOIL stake owned by the businessman will be transferred to a special charity fund in a single lot. Probably, this is an attempt to save their assets before the future attack from Rosneft.

Igor Sechin will crush to Leonid Mikhelson on the Northern Sea Route


Rosneft is lobbying the government of the Russian Federation to ban from 2019 the transportation of raw materials for export to the Arctic by foreign vessels. This will make it possible to load orders being built in the Primorye Territory of the SSC "Star" and strike a blow at Novatek company Leonid Mikhelson, who ordered gas carriers in South Korea.

Eni and Rosneft suspended another project in the Black Sea


The formal pretext - single drilling did not reveal the presence of oil. A more real reason - the Italian company does not want to conflict with the US, which imposed sanctions on all Russian offshore projects.

Rosneft must pay a huge debt in 2018


The state company needs to pay off a debt of 2.2 trillion rubles, which is more than a third of its revenue in 2017.

The broken plan of Igor Sechin


The attempt to "break through the sanctions blockade" and sell a large stake in Rosneft to respected Chinese investors has failed. CEFC Corporation postponed the deal for an indefinite period.

"Rosneft" was not needed by the Chinese


CEFC postponed for an indefinite period the purchase of a 14.2% stake in Igor Sechin for $ 9.1 billion. As a result, the whole "multiyear" with the sale of 19% of the shares of the state company to foreign investors indecently hovered in the air.

Igor Sechin asked 145 billion rubles from Vladimir Putin


Having received 100 billion rubles of "compensation" from AFK Sistema, in the future, Rosneft did not become modest.

Vladimir Evtushenkov paid tribute to Igor Sechin


AFK Sistema has paid the last 40 billion rubles in the framework of the settlement agreement ahead of schedule.

"Rosneft" limited from the East and the West


Its partners CEFC and ExxonMobil were faced with problems.

ExxonMobil will cease cooperation with Rosneft due to sanctions


The largest oil and gas corporation of the USA because of the anti-Russian sanctions intends to withdraw from the general projects with Rosneft in search of new hydrocarbon deposits. ExxonMobil said it would result in losses amounting to $ 200 million.

"Rosneft" remained without investment rating


Igor Sechin's company is estimated as speculative and garbage.

The Chinese CEFC has no money to buy 14% in Rosneft


The completion of the transaction for the sale of 14.16% of Rosneft to the Chinese CEFC was postponed from the end of 2017 to the first half of 2018. The total volume

Igor Sechin denied information on the relationship with Ulyana Sergeenko


The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, denied reports of relations with the former wife of entrepreneur Danil Khachaturov, designer Ulyana Sergeyenko. He said that he did not know her.

Igor Sechin meets his former wife Danil Khachaturov


Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin meets with his former wife Danil Khachaturov, designer Ulyana Sergeyenko.

Igor Sechin's little oil


"Rosneft" claims to expand the Ergin cluster.

Rosneft is increasing volumes


The company is betting not only on oil, but also on gas.

Igor Sechin intends to ruin and drive Vladimir Evtushenkov into debt


Rosneft filed a second lawsuit against AFK Sistema. The value of Sistema's assets, which can be arrested on two claims, exceeded 315 billion rubles. This exceeds by 40 billion their market price.